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Central Instrumentation Centre


Advanced and multipurpose equipment is needed to university faculty, scholars, students, and researchers to work in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary fields. These equipment’s and facilities help the faculty, research scholars and students to carry out globally competitive R & D in basic, applied sciences and in engineering. Since individual researchers may not be able to generate huge research funds for the research instruments, In 2016 Central Instrumentation Center was started in KLEF with a mission to enrich the resources on a shared basis for promoting R & D with the following objectives

    1. To strengthen technological infrastructure to carry out advanced research in various science, humanities, and engineering disciplines under one roof and make their services available to academic schools and departments.
    2. To provide guidance for acquisition of data and train personnel in operation and maintenance of Sophisticated Instruments.
    3. To organize short-term courses/workshops on the use and application of various spectroscopic and analytical techniques for students, faculty and technical personnel from our university, affiliated institutions, universities, and industry in the region.

The instruments are available to all the students, research scholars and faculty members of the university and affiliated institutions and other educational institutions, research labs and industry also on chargeable basis as per the policy. The users are to submit the requisition forms with the samples. Outstation users may contact the centre to reserve time slot for their use and visit with the samples on the date of appointment.

Consultancy projects will be taken based on the expertise available with faculty and the instruments available to carryout the research. The research consultancy will be paid with 70% to principal investigator and 30% to university. Testing consultancy will be paid with 30% to principal investigator and 70% to university.

A) Location: L-Block 7th floor, Room Number:714

B)List of Instruments including cost.

S.No Product Description Cost Image
1 DSC-Differential Scanning Calorimeter-Supplier-Perkin Elemer-2009 Rs. 20,00,000/-
2 Polarizing MicroscopeSupplier- SSD Polymers-2009    Rs. 1,50,000/-
3 Electronic Balance SystemSupplier- K-Roy-2010  Rs. 20,000/-
4 Lock-in AmplifierSupplier- LC-Vision-2012  Rs. 3,00,000/-
5 Liquid Crystal Analysis SystemSupplier- LC-Vision2012   Rs. 14,00,000/-
6 Anritsu Combinational Analyzer MS2037C (VNA Master+Spectrum Analyzer) (5 kHz -15 GHz)Supplier- Anritsu India Pvt Ltd-2017   Rs. 14,47,000/-
7 Nvis-71 PCB Prototype Machine (Automated)Supplier- Scientech Technologies-2017 Rs. 4,37,370/-
8 CMC DAQ, ECG & EMG AmplifiersSupplier- TMI Systems-2017 Rs. 1,42,140/-
9 AARONIA-AG PowerLOG70180 High Power Horn Antenna (700 MHz - 18 GHz)Supplier- Synergy Measurements Technologies-2017 Rs. 2,66,920/-
10 KEYSIGHT-EXG-X-Series Microwave Signal Genrator (9 kHz - 13 GHz)Supplier- Synergy Measurements Technologies  Rs. 12,37,376.
11 My Signals HW Complete Kit -LibeliumSupplier- Libelium Rs. 1,27,230.
12 Electro-Chemical Work Station (Corrosion Tester)Supplier- Biologic Scientific Instruments, France Rs. 12,56,580/-
13 Wear Tester (Pin on Disc / Tribometer)Supplier-Ducom Instruments Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India Rs. 8,40,000/-
14 Micro-Hardness Tester,  Supplier- METCO Instruments Ltd, Chennai, India Rs. 4,55,752/-
15 Master Abrasive Cutter with coolant supplySupplier- SASTHA Scientific Agencies, Bangalore, India Rs 89,250/-