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Business School

Student Progression

When a student joins KLBS, we promise to take them beyond the sheer curricular framework to promote their personality development s skilled and matured professionals. They participate in seminars, workshops, industry interface programs, exhibitions and tradeshows to interact, learn, and exchange knowledge and expertise.


Seminars pave the way for interaction, instruction, knowledge dissemination, networking and forming associations of academic and research interest.

Click here for the seminars the KLBS students attended


For the past one decade KLBS has been successful in placing all the eligible students in high positions attractive with attractive packages.  Our students are placed in the prestigious MNCs and could grab the national and overseas paid internships. 

Sectorial Specialization

Students of KLBS have specialized in various fields and have been catering to the institutions in the capacity of managers, policy makers, analysts, executives, and leaders. Please find the students represented in various fields in corporate, industry and banking furnished in the link.

Student Achievements

Our students are active in participating events and competitions and they have won many prizes, medals and trophies in recognition for their participation and winning them. Click the link for details that displays our student’s achievements.

Student Publications

Research publications as a student strengthen their career prospects as academicians and researchers in academia and industries. . Our students are passionate in pursuing their research interests and getting them published in reputed journals as articles. Click here for details


Projects offer hands on, live experience to the students. This would add to what they have learned in the class rooms. (Visual project representation)

Click here for the student project details


Our Alumni are present across the globe in various positions and they are our extended family. They are great source of inspiration for the present and prospective students. We take pride and fondly refer their career and professional progress and achievements.   Click here more about our alumni.