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Research And Development


RPAC is the highest research and professional body in the department of EEEthat formulates research policies and directs it to happen as per the universal academic and research norms. Eminent professors with research, academic, and industry exposure would generally occupy these positions to steer the department related to our budget, infrastructure building and designing research projects to secure research grants and funds from the national and the international bodies.Click here for the details on RPAC members

Research Advisor:

Eminent academician and researcher Dr. Mylavarapu Ramamoorty that has served several prestigious national and international universities and institutions has been acting as PhD advisor for the Department of EEE to guide our student in selecting the right PhD projects and executing them thoroughly. Click the link for more details

Research Groups:

Research Groups guide students in developing and designing innovative projects and to turn as entrepreneurs. Our faculty and industry partners help students climbing great heights in their career. Click here for the details on or research groups.

PhD Program:

The Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering offers PhD in research areas that are most sought after globally. The broad areas of research are mentioned here and the students can pursue any topic of their research interest that may fall within the main categories are innumerable sub categories of the streams mentioned below. Department of EEE is one of the largest departments with 167 Scholars registered for PhD program. Click here for the guidelines and rules and regulations.

Research Areas under Focus:

Power Systems

  • Restructuring & Deregulation
  • Stability
  • Power Quality
  • ANN & Fuzzy Logic Applications
  • Power System Deregulation
  • Electrical Vehicles

Power Electronics:

  • Power Quality
  • DSP Applications to Drives
  • Switched Mode Power Supplies
  • FACTS Controllers

Energy Systems

  • Energy Conservation & Audit
  • Renewable Energy Technologies

Control Systems

  • Adaptive Controllers
  • Robust Controllers

Emerging research areas:

For the recent and emerging research areas considered in the department, please click the link for more details.

Sponsored Research Projects:

Securing sponsored research projects amidst the tough competition within the country and abroad is not an ordinary feat The Department of EEE could grab-sponsored research projects worth of Rs.2.5 Crores from the highest research funding bodies in the country such as DST, UGC, and AICTE. Click for details on the sponsored research projects.

Faculty Pursuing PhD:

Faculty in the department of EEE strictly abides by the norms meant of the highest regulatory bodies like UGC for academicians to serve at the university level. Apart from rigorous publication activities, they improve their academic credentials with PhD. Click hre for more Details.

Intellectual Property Rights:

Patents filed and IR published are the real yardstick to measure our research achievements, as patents and IR are awarded after a close scrutiny, as per the global research committee norms. Click here for patents awarded and IR published.

Journal Reviewers:

Acting as reviewers for the scholarly research journal adds immense value to the academic index of the faculty and refreshes and enrich their knowledge. It is an honor bestowed on the department and we are proud of our faculty that is contributing to enhance scholarly research. Click here for the faculty acting as reviewers.

Research Labs:

Research labs help students experiment and explore the curriculum practically and evaluate the findings. We have well equipped labs to support our core engineering subjects that are the best in the academia and industry.Click Here for the EEE research lab here.