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Under Post Graduation

M. Tech in Electric Vehicle Technology

Program Educational Objectives

PEO Description
PEO1 To mould the students to become effective global science students in the competitive environment of modern society
PEO2 To provide students with strong foundation in contemporary practices of science, different functional areas and scientific environment
PEO3 To emphasize on application-oriented learning on current issues.
PEO4 To develop communication, analytical, decision-making, motivational, leadership, problem solving and human relations skills of the students.
PEO5 To inculcate professional and ethical attitude in students community.
PEO6 To pursue lifelong learning as a means of enhancing knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to the betterment of profession.

Program Outcomes

PO Description
PO1 Apply the knowledge of science and mathematics in designing, analysing and using the power converters and drives for various aspects of electric vehicle.
PO2 Design the modern electric machines, drives, power converters, and control circuits for electric vehicle.
PO3 Use modern tools, professional software platforms, embedded systems for the diversified applications.
PO4 Function as a member of a multidisciplinary team and correlate the domain knowledge for global problems.
PO5 Demonstrate the communication at different levels effectively.
PO6 Explore ideas for inculcating research skills and appreciate, critical and independent thinking and engage in lifelong learning.


M.Tech Y22 Electric Vehicle Technology Curriculum

Course Outcomes(CO)

Course Outcomes(CO) for M.Tech Y22 Electric Vehicle Technology