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Academic Programs

KL University offers 4 years Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering and our courses are designed in Lecture-Tutorial-Practice-Skill (L-T-P-S) model to provide a comprehensive theoretical, practical, technical and skill based learning experience.

Undergraduate Program:

We offer 4 different types of B. Tech programs as per the student’s choice.

B. Tech Regular:

A student would be graduating with B. Tech Decree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering if s/he could earn minimum of 170 + 5 credits, as stipulated in the curriculum of the respective department. Click here for complete details

B.Tech Honors:

A student is eligible for B. Tech. Degree with Honors in EEE, subject to the following criteria.

B.Tech with Specializations:

  • Green Energy Technologies
  • Electric Vehicle Technologies.
  • Industrial Automation
  • Smart grid Technologies
  • Digital Systems

Postgraduate Program:


  • Power Systems
  • Power Electronics & Drives

Doctorate Degree:

  • Micro-Grids , Advanced Control Systems
  • Power System Stability, Deregulation, Reliability
  • Smart Grids & Cyber-security
  • Power Converter for EVs, Power Electronics & Electrical Drives

Academic Calendar

Department of EEE has the most dynamic and robust academic calendar in the university. Please click here for the Academic Calendar for the year 2020-21

Certificate Programs:

Certificate programs strengthen the core Electronics and Electrical skills as they constantly update the advancements in this field. The following are the certificate programs we offer to keep the student abreast of job related demands.

Academic Labs:

Academic labs allow the students to explore the theory they learn in the class rooms. They can try, test, and evaluate the formulas, principles and equations practically and learn to apply them to meet the real-time challenges. The department of EEE has 7 academic labs which are fully equipped to meet the student’s curricular expectations. Please Click Here for more details

  • Power Electronics & Drives
  • Power Systems
  • Electrical Measurements
  • Electrical Machines
  • Control Systems
  • Electrical Networks Lab
  • Simulation Lab

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Program Development Y18 Batch

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Program Development Y20 Batch



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