Funded Projects

S.No Funding agency Sanction Year Title of the project Principal Investigator/Co-Principal Investigator Reference Number
1 KLEF 2023-24 Vaccine delivery using Microneedle Array Patches to Overcome Last Mile Logistics Issues, Thermal Instability, and Improve Patient Compliance Dr. Chandra Teja Uppuluri/ Prof. Buchi N Nalluri KLEF/SRG/2023-24/Pharmacy/002
2 SERB-EMEQ 2023 Pharmacological modulation of platelet glucose metabolism, mitochondrial dysfunction, and platelet aggregation against co-morbid conditions of Diabetes mellitus and Ischemic stroke Dr K Ramakrishna EEQ/2023/000766
3 DBT 2023 Development of Microneedle Sensor Based Device for Continuous Monitoring of Lactate in Point of Care Testing using Dermal Interstitial Fluid Prof. Buchi N Nalluri/Dr. Pradeep Kumar BT/PR49884/MED/32/888/2023