S. No. Name of the Faculty Patent Number Title Patent Awarding Agency Status Year
1 Dr. B. Nagaraju 202041023019A Intelligent virus detection biochip Indian Patent Published 2020
2 Mrs. N Venkata Naga Jyothi 202141052056A Drug Interaction and prediction based method for minimizing side effects of the drug Indian Patent Published 2021
3 Dr. P Rajeswari 362170-001 Medical device for measuring the body fluids in neonates Indian Patent Published 2022
5 Dr. Areti Anka Rao 202241065523 A Nano-Drug Delivery System of Anti-Cancer drug and Method thereof Indian Patent Published 2022
4 Dr. D. Prasanna Kumar 202241041858.00 Fast dissolving film-drug delivery system Indian Patent Published 2023
6 Dr. B. Nagaraju 202341034184A Amentoflavone nanoparticles for the treatment of dementia Indian Patent Published 2023
7 Dr. B. Nagaraju 202341034185A Repurpose of fluvastatin for treatment of osteoporosis Indian Patent Published 2023
8 Mrs. NVN Jyothi 6280892 Device for Production of Cancer Vaccines UK Design Patent Published 2023
9 Dr. M Narender 202341076122 A Natural product-based drug discovery for diabetes: imeglimin as a lead compound Indian Patent Published 2024