Drug Discovery & Development (DDD)

Drug Discovery & Development (DDD) Research Group at KL College of Pharmacy, KLEF deemed to be University is a collaborative team dedicated to bringing new and improved therapeutic solutions to pharmaceutical sector. We bridge the gap between basic scientific research and real-world applications, focusing on the entire drug discovery and development pipeline.

Our Mission
Research Team under DDD
Formulation & Development

Formulation & Development research group at KL College of Pharmacy is dedicated to innovation in drug delivery systems. Our team focuses on designing and developing novel formulations, including microneedle devices for vaccine delivery and point-of-care applications. We also explore the potential of liposomes, Neosomes, micelles, and polymeric nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery in cancer and tuberculosis treatment. Our research extends to theranostics, a field that combines therapeutic and diagnostic functions within a single platform.

Drug Design & Synthesis

Our group spearheads medicinal chemistry research, using a combined in-silico and synthetic approach to discover novel therapeutics.

Computational Drug Design leverages cutting-edge methods to identify promising small molecules with desirable biological activity. We utilize structure and ligand based drug design approaches to find initial hits, then refine them through advanced techniques like molecular dynamics simulations and binding energy calculations.

Synthetic Chemistry focuses on synthesis of new small molecules identified from in silico methods for applications in cancer, tuberculosis, and central nervous system disorders. Our in-house develop and optimize new synthetic routes, purify the synthesized compounds by various chromatographic methods and characterize through Mass and NMR spectral methods.

Pharmacology & Toxicology

Pharmacology & Toxicology Research Group at KL College of Pharmacy is dedicated to advancing our understanding of the effects and mechanisms of drugs and chemicals on biological systems. Comprised of expertise faculty members renowned in their respective fields, and driven students, our group conducts basic preclinical research and work on methodologies to investigate biological mechanisms that could potentially serve as targets for treating cancer, infectious diseases, cardiovascular and neurological disorders, and toxicological impacts. Our interdisciplinary approach fosters innovation and excellence in both education and research. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to address pressing health and environmental challenges, develop safer and more effective therapies, and contribute to the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences.

This integrated approach, combining computational drug design with robust synthetic chemistry, positions our group at the cutting edge of medicinal chemistry research, with the ultimate goal of delivering novel and effective therapeutic solutions.

Artificial Intelligence-driven Drug Discovery and Development (AI-DDD)

AI is revolutionizing drug discovery and development. Leveraging vast datasets, it pinpoints promising targets and molecules, then optimizes them for efficacy and reduced side effects. Thus, accelerates life-saving medication discovery and personalized medicine. Additionally, AI analyses data to predict ingredient interactions, enabling researchers to design stable and effective formulations, ultimately developing novel formulations faster.

PDMS Microneedle Array Mould
Polymeric Biodegradable Microneedle array patch
Evaluation of analgesic activity of rat on Eddy's hot plate
Evaluation of grip strength activity of rat
Bilateral common carotid artery occlusion of rat
X-ray crystallographic pose of Bcl-2 protein with venetoclax