LIST OF JOURNALS/ MAGAZINES 2024-2025(Department wise list)

Engineering Printed Journals
S.No. Title of the Journal Dept
1 Indian Journal of Computers and Information Technology AIDS
2 Indian Journal of Information Sources and Services AIDS
3 Information Technology and Control AIDS
4 International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science AIDS
5 International Journal of Next-Generation Computing AIDS
6 Biology Today BT
7 Indian Journal of Microbiology BT
8 Journal of Geotechnical Engineering CE
9 Journal of Structural Engineering CE
10 Journal of Structural Engineering and Management CE
11 Journal of Water Resource Engineering and Management CE
12 The Indian Concrete Journal CE
13 Current Trends in Information Technology CSE
14 i-manager’s Journal on Cloud Computing CSE
15 i-manager’s Journal on Mobile Applications & Technologies CSE
16 i-manager’s Journal on Pattern Recognition CSE
17 Journal of Mobile Computing, Communications & Mobile Networks(JoMCCMN) CSE
18 Journal of Software Engineering Tools & Technology Trends (JoSETTT) CSE
19 Indian journal of Advance Software Engineering and Technology CSIT
20 Indian journal of Computer Systems, Networks, and Communications CSIT
21 International Journal of Applied Computing CSIT
22 Journal of Information Sciences and Application CSIT
23 Journal of Information Technology and Education System CSIT
24 Karpagam Journal of Computer Science CSIT
25 Electronics For You ECE
26 IETE Technical Review ECE
27 i-manager’s Journal on Image Processing ECE
28 International Journal of Advances in Circuits and Systems ECE
29 IUP Journal of Telecommunications ECE
30 Journal of Information and Communication Convergence Engineering ECE
31 Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics and Optoelectronics ECE
32 Electrical India EEE
33 IEEMA Journal EEE
34 International Journal of Energy Systems, Computers and Control EEE
35 International Journal of Power Engineering & Green Technology EEE
36 Journal of Energy Storage and Conversion EEE
37 Asian Journal of Chemistry FED
38 Chemistry Today FED
39 Civil Services Chronicle FED
40 Competition Affairs FED
41 Employment News FED
42 General Knowledge Today FED
43 IETE Journal of Education FED
44 i-manager s Journal of Educational Technology FED
45 i-managers Journal on Educational Psychology FED
46 i-managers Journal on Mathematics FED
47 i-managers Journal on School Educational Technology (JSCH) FED
48 India Today FED
49 Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics FED
50 Journal of Applied Mathematics and Fluid Mechanics FED
51 Journal of Catalyst & Catalysis (JoCC) FED
52 Journal of Polymer & Composites FED
53 Journal of Pure Applied and Industrial Physics FED
54 Mathematics Today FED
55 Outlook (English) FED
56 Outlook Money FED
57 Physics for You FED
58 Readers Digest FED
59 Renu General Knowledge and World FED
60 Sport star FED
61 Tell Me Why FED
62 The Week FED
63 Digit IOT
64 IETE Journal of Research IOT
65 i-managers Journal on Wireless Communication Networks IOT
66 International Journal of Advances in Embedded Systems Research IOT
67 International Journal of Embedded Software and Open Source Systems IOT
68 Autocar India ME
69 EP Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer ME
70 Manufacturing Technology Today ME
Non Engineering Printed Journals
S.No. Title of the Journal Dept
71 Agricultural Economics Research Review Ag. B Sc
72 Agriculture Today Ag. B Sc
73 Indian Journal of Agricultural Research Ag. B Sc
74 Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences Ag. B Sc
75 Indian Journal of Agronomy Ag. B Sc
76 Indian Journal of Entomology Ag. B Sc
77 Indian Phytopathology Ag. B Sc
78 International Journal of Modern Agriculture Ag. B Sc
79 Journal of Agrometeorology Ag. B Sc
80 Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science Ag. B Sc
81 Pestology Ag. B Sc
82 Research in Agricultural Engineering Ag. B Sc
83 Architectural Digest (India) Architecture
84 Architecture + Design Architecture
85 Interior Design Architecture
86 International Journal of Architectural Design and Planning Architecture
87 International Journal of Architectural Heritage Architecture
88 International Journal of Architecture (IJA) Architecture
89 International Journal of Architecture and Infrastructure Planning Architecture
90 International Journal of Housing and Human Settlement Planning Architecture
91 International Journal of Landscape Planning and Architecture Architecture
92 International Journal of Rural and Regional Development Architecture
93 Journal of Indian Institute of Architects Architecture
94 Landscape Architecture Magazine Architecture
95 New Building Materials & Construction World Architecture
96 Art & Deal B.Sc Animation and Gaming
97 Journal of Creative Communications B.Sc Animation and Gaming
98 Journal of Film & Video B.Sc Animation and Gaming
99 Media Watch B.Sc Animation and Gaming
100 Vogue (Indian) B.Sc Animation and Gaming
101 Competition Success Review BA IAS
102 Down to Earth BA IAS
103 Economic and Political Weekly BA IAS
104 Kurukshetra BA IAS
105 Pratiyogita Darpan BA IAS
106 The Deccan Geographers BA IAS
107 Yojana BA IAS
108 Asian Journal of Information Science and Technology BBA
109 Finance India BBA
110 IITM Journal of Business Studies BBA
111 SA Journal of Human Resource Management BBA
112 SCMS Journal of Indian Management BBA
113 Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing & Management Review COMMERCE
114 Indian Journal of Corporate Governance COMMERCE
115 International Journal in Commerce, IT And Social Sciences (IJCISS) COMMERCE
116 International Research Journal Of Commerce and Law COMMERCE
117 International Journal of Business (GRP) COMMERCE
118 International Journal of Management (IJM) COMMERCE
119 Asian Journal of Computer Science and Technology (AJCST) CSA
120 Global Journal of Networks and Applications CSA
121 International Journal of Software Engineering & Systems CSA
122 Journal of Cloud Computing and Data Base Management CSA
123 Technoarete Transactions on Advances in Computer Applications in Technology CSA
124 Bakery Review Food Technology
125 Food & Beverage Business Review Food Technology
126 Food Science and Technology Food Technology
127 Journal of consumer protection and food safety Food Technology
128 Journal of Food Science and Technology Food Technology
129 Air Accident Claims & compensation Cases LAW
130 AIR Cheque Dishonour Reports LAW
131 Air Law Lines LAW
132 AIR Supreme Court Weekly LAW
133 All India Reporter LAW
134 Andhra Law Times LAW
135 Andhra Legal Decisions (Civil) LAW
136 Cambridge Law Journal LAW
137 Consumer Protection Reporter LAW
138 Criminal Law Journal LAW
139 Indian Journal of International Law LAW
140 Labour Law Journal LAW
141 National Journal of Cyber Security Law LAW
142 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies LAW
143 Supreme Court Cases (SCC LAW
144 Supreme Court Cases (Civil) LAW
145 Supreme Court Cases (Criminal) LAW
146 Business Today MBA
147 BW Business World MBA
148 Forbes India MBA
149 Indian Journal of Finance MBA
150 Harvard Business Review MBA
151 Acta Biomedica Scientia Pharmacy
152 American Journal of Biological & Pharmaceutical Research Pharmacy
153 Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research Pharmacy
154 Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Pharmacy
155 Asian Journal of Pharmacy and Technology Pharmacy
156 Asian Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Science Pharmacy
157 CIMS (Current Index of Medical Specialties) Pharmacy
158 Drug Today Pharmacy
159 Indian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy Pharmacy
160 Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (IJPER) Pharmacy
161 Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science & Research Pharmacy
162 Indian Journal of Pharmaceutics Pharmacy
163 Indian Journal of Pharmacology Pharmacy
164 International Journal of Advances Drug Delivery Pharmacy
165 International Journal of Bio pharmaceutics Pharmacy
166 International Journal of Experimental Pharmacology Pharmacy
167 International Journal of Pharmacy Pharmacy
168 International Journal of Pharmacy Review and Research Pharmacy
169 Research Journal of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Technology Pharmacy
170 Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics Pharmacy
171 Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology Pharmacy
172 Research Journal of Science and Technology Pharmacy