Acquisition Section & Technical Processing Section

The Acquisition Section collects request for books from the faculty, interacts and places orders with the selected suppliers, accession the procured books and transfers them to the Technical Processing Section for classification, cataloguing, indexing and database entry.

Books Procurement

Textbooks prescribed for courses are bought in multiple copies, General and Reference books and Conference Proceedings are purchased two copies each.

Requisition for Books

Separate requisition forms for general and textbooks are available in the Central Library. Faculty members who wish to recommend new books may please fill up and forward these requisition forms with the signatures of Library Representative and Head to the Acquisition section for further processing. Students may also recommend for textbooks by filling up the requisition forms duly signed by the course faculty, Library Representative and Head or course faculty and Dean and forward these to the Section. The Section attends to phone and email queries from the users. Apart from these, a register is kept in the Section to get feedback and for making general enquiries.

Information about New Books

The Section receives catalogues and brochures from various national and international publishers. Such materials are displayed in the notice board near to the Circulation Counter. Interested users may also browse these catalogues in the Acquisition Section.

Our Motto

Our motto is to serve the Institute community by alerting them about new books in their areas of interest, seeking recommendations for such books, and taking appropriate action to procure these publications in the least possible time.

Mode of Book Selection

There are two modes of selecting books: (1) The faculty members get to know about the books from such sources as journal articles, conference proceedings, brochures sent to them by publishers, and the Web. They send their requisitions to the Library in prescribed requisition forms and the Library decides the suppliers who are best suited to supply the books. (2) Suppliers show copies of their books to the faculty members and the faculty members recommend some of these books for procurement to the Library.


There are two categories of suppliers, approved and registered. Approved suppliers are those who have obtained approval from KLEF Authority and registered suppliers are those who participate in the Technology Book Fairs.

Placing Purchase Orders

The procedure for placing purchasing orders for book-fair and non-book-fair books is the same. Purchase proposals for the books selected by the Department / Center are received by the Central Library and purchase orders are placed with approved / registered book suppliers / publishing agencies after obtaining approval from the Head of the Department. The steps in placing purchase order are given below.

Terms and Conditions for Supplying Books

Acknowledgement and Acceptance of the Order: The Supplier should acknowledge the receipt of the order by returning the signed duplicate copy within 15 days of the date of the purchase order and confirm whether he is willing to accept the order.

Delivery of Books

a) Only ‘new books’, and not 'used and second hand books', must be delivered.

b) The delivery period is as under:

Indian Publications: One Month from the date of the purchase order

Foreign Publications: Three Months from the date of the purchase order

The delivery date may be extended by the Library at its discretion, if the Supplier requests for an extension citing valid reasons.

Consignee and Mode of Despatch

The books should be consigned to the Principal, KLEF, Vaddeswaram through Post/ Parcel/Registered Parcel/Courier/in Person. Delivery by train is not accepted

Despatch Documents

Intimation relating to the mode of despatch should be conveyed over phone. Original despatch documents are forwarded to the Library by Registered Post or delivered in person.

Preparation of Bill

The Bill should be prepared preferably similar to the Purchase Order.

Submission of Bill

The Supplier should submit the bill in triplicate mentioning the order no. and date. The bill should accompany the relevant challan in duplicate and the supporting documents: copy of the original import invoices (or current publishers' catalogue or Publisher's Price list).

Price Certificate

A price certificate should be incorporated in the bill stating that price quoted is correct. In case there are special price offers by the publisher, the same should be communicated to the Library and billed accordingly.

Exchange Rate

Conversion rate of foreign currencies will be charged as per bank rates, as announced on RBI web site, prevailing on the date of the bill.

Processing of Bills

If the books are supplied in good condition as per the Purchase Order complying with the terms and conditions, the Acquisition section will process the bills and forward the same within 15 days to the Accounts Section for payment.

Return of damage Books

If a supplied book doesn't conform to specifications or if the pages are torn or missing or the copy is old or is not in good condition, the supplier will be asked to take back the book at his own expense and replace it within one month; otherwise the order will be cancelled. The Library will not be responsible for such books if not taken back and replaced within the said period.

Cancellation of an Order

The order is liable to be cancelled (a) if the delivery is not made within one month after the expiry of the stipulated delivery date; and (b) if the Books not conforming to specifications and not in good condition are not replaced within one month.

Delisting of Suppliers

A Supplier who frequently supplies books that do not conform to specifications or are not in good condition will be delisted.

Recovery of Financial Loss to the Institute

Suppliers must certify on the bills that the price charged is correct and no special offers/low priced editions are available. On account of the supplier not informing us of the availability of low-priced edition books or not informing us of special price offers from publisher, if any loss incurred to the Institute will be recovered from the amount payable to the Supplier.

Exclusive Rights of Library                           

The Library reserves the right to:

1.Cancel an order at any time without assigning any reasons.

2.Change any clause in the terms and conditions listed above.

Technical Processing Section plays a key role to the library. It makes a bridge between the Acquisition of documents and the Circulation. The Technical Processing Section of KLEF Central Library also plays a vital role to run the functioning of library services smoothly.

Technical Processing Work

1.    Classification of books following DDC latest edition (presently using 22nd ed.).Before consulting DDC, we check our database and provide the earlier class number in case of same title if found.

2.    Cataloguing of books following AACR-II.

3.    Prepare Subject Headings following Library of Congress Subject Heading.

4.    Update Database using In House software.

5.    Generating Bar-Codes using In House software.

6.    Classify books as General, Textbook, and Reference etc.

7.    Update database for the classified books , and also for Binding, Lost Books etc.

8.    Generate list of new arrival of books which includes bibliographic details including abstract.

9.    Simultaneously those books are kept for 'New Arrival' Display.

10.  New arrivals with bibliographic details are updated on website.Timely displayed

11.  Send this list to the KLEF community through mail (Timely).

12.  Send all books for Circulation to the users (weekly).