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Academic Policies @ KLEF

Sno Policy No Description of the Policy
1 KLEF/ODA/2.1/P21001/2021 Academic Audit
2 KLEF/ODA/1.13/P11301/2022 Academic Bank of Credits(ABC)
3 KLEF/ODA/1.16/P11601/2022 Academic Flexibility
4 KLEF/ODA/1.9/P19001/2022 Academic Pathways
5 KLEF/ODA/1.20/P120001/2022 Academic Registration
6 KLEF/ODA/2.5/P25001/2022 Active Learning Methods (ALMs)
7 KLEF/ODA/2.14/P214001/2022 Best Teacher Award
8 KLEF/ODA/1.7/P17001/2022 Bridge CourseS
9 KLEF/ODA/1.3/P13005/2022 Capstone Project (Engineering Departments)
10 KLEF/ODA/1.2/G12001/2021 Course Codes Nomenclature
11 KLEF/ODA/1.1/P11001/2022 Curriculum Design and Development
12 KLEF/ODA/1.12/P11201/2022 Double Degree
13 KLEF/ODA/2.15/P215001/2022 e-content preparation for the Online and Hybrid learning Platforms
14 KLEF/ODA/2.12/P212001/2022 Effective teaching learning practices(TLP)
15 KLEF/ODA/1.15/P11501/2022 Entry Grade Project 1 and 2 (Engineering Departments)
16 KLEF/ODA/2.4/P24001/2022 Flipped Learning Model
17 KLEF/ODA/2.6/P26001/2022 Formative and Summative Assessment
18 KLEF/ODA/1.3/P13004/2022 Industrial Internship
19 KLEF/ODA/2.10/P21001/2022 Informal Learning
20 KLEF/ODA/1.18/P11801/2022 Inter/Multi-disciplinary Projects
21 KLEF/ODA/2.11/P220001/2022 M.Tech Dissertation(Engineering Departments)
22 KLEF/ODA/2.13/P213001/2022 Mentoring and Feedback System
23 KLEF/ODA/1.14/P11401/2022 Midgrad Capstone Project - 1&2 (Engineering Departments)
24 KLEF/ODA/2.3/P23001/2022 Open Book Test/Exam Guidelines (From Y21 Regulations - Comman for all Departments
25 KLEF/ODA/2.13/P213001/2022 Outcome Based Education (OBE)
26 KLEF/ODA/2.7/P27001/2021 Peer Mentoring
27 KLEF/ODA/1.19/P11901/2022 Project / Field work/ Internship
28 KLEF/ODA/2.10/P210001/2022 Relative Grading System
29 KLEF/ODA/1.4/P14001/2022 Self learning through Online Courses
30 KLEF/ODA/2.2/P22001/2021 Semester Readiness Program (SRP)
31 KLEF/ODA/1.3/P13002/2022 Social Internships
32 KLEF/ODA/1.3/P13003/2022 Technical Internship
33 KLEF/ODA/1.17/P11701/2022 Term Paper
34 KLEF/ODA/1.6/P16001/2022 Value Added Courses
35 KLEF/ODA/1.5/P15001/2022 Work-in-Liue Mode Courses
36 KLEF/ODA/1.11/P11101/2022 Graduation Requirements ( Engineering departments)
37 KLEF/ODA/2.14/P214002/2022 Identification of Slow and Advanced Learners