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Sponsored Projects - Completed

S.No Name of the PI/Co-PI Date of Start Funding Agency Title of the Project Amt (in Lakhs) Reference Number
1 Dr. R. Srinivasa Reddy Oct, 2008 DST – SERC Sequential separation of high value products from microalgae 12.96 SR/FT/LS-009/2008
2 Dr. B. J. K. Singh Mar, 2009 UGC Isolation, identification and characterization of protein pollen allergens of Indian origin 10.128 34-260/2008(SR)
3 Dr. R. S. Reddy Mar, 2009 UGC Studies on flue gas fed microalgae for alternative fuel production 10.358 35-26/2008(SR)
4 Dr. R. Srinivasa Reddy Aug, 2010 DBT CO2 Mitigation and Cultivation of oil rich microalgae for Bio-fuel production 20.91 BT/PR11888/PBD/26/94/2009
5 Dr. B. J. K. Singh Feb, 2011 DST – SERC Molecular characterization of plant Endo-N-Acetylglucosaminidases (ENGase) 16.47 SR/FT/LS-033/2009
6 Mrs.K. Chandrika Nov, 2011 DST-WOS-A An integrated process development of continuous sequestration of CO2 and the production of value added products 26 SR/WOS-A/ET-76/2011(G)
7 Mrs.G.Swapna Dr. B. Jayakumar Singh (Mentor) Mar, 2012 DST-WOS-A Screening the mitigation of carcinogenic PAHs and CO emissions of flue gases by microbial consortia 22.4 SR/WOS-A/LS-370/20119(G)
8 Dr.T.Venkateswara Rao Mar, 2012 DST Insilico approaches to multitarget ligand designing and assay based screening of Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors 27.2 SR/CSI/138/2011(G)
9 Dr. R. Srinivasa Reddy Mar, 2012 DBT Novel Biorefineries : Design and process development for production of high value products and biofuels from microalgal consortium 60.81 BT/PR1420/PBD/26/276/2011
10 Dr.B.J.K.Singh Mar, 2012 ICMR Allergen Epitope Mapping and Invivio screening of Pro-inflammatory Cytokines 12.292 DHR/Plan scheme/GIA/10/2012
11 Dr.Shechinah Felice Choragudi Dr.B.Jayakumar Singh Nov, 2012 DST-WOS-A Characterization of Pollen specific Polygalacturonase of Sorghum bicolor 19.4 SR/WOS-A/LS-397/2011(G)
12 Dr.M.Sudhamani Apr, 2013 DST-SERB-YS Application of Therapeutic sugar producing lactic acid bacteria in diabetes and obesity management 25 SB/FT/LS-212/2012
13 Dr.B.Mahendran Dr.K. Vijaya Kumar Jun, 2013 DBT Targeted Delivery of Nanoparticle to Enhance DR5-DDX3 Mediated Apoptosis in Tumour Environment 42.95 BT/PR6743/NNT/28/614/2012
14 Dr.B.Mahendran Jan, 2014 UGC - RA Identification and characterization of DDX3 interactive proteins in the development of Breast Cancer 27.15 30-7/2012 (SA-II)
15 Dr.B.Jaya Kumar Singh Jan, 2014 UGC - RA Development of ELISA based diagnostic kit for the plant pollen cross reactive allergens 34.69 30-9/2012 (SA-II)
16 Dr. S.R.Krishna Motukuri Apr, 2015 UGC - RA Transcriptome analysis of Chilli against drought 8.52 30-1/2014/RA-2014-16-OB-ANP-5581 (SA-II)
17 Ms.Ch.Chitralekha Dr.B.Mahendran Jun, 2015 DST-WOS-A Screening and Characterization of SNP associated Sex linked Biomarkers 23.1 SR/WOS-A/LS-1174/2014 (G)
18 Ms.K.Lavanya Dr.B.Mahendran Jun, 2015 DST-WOS-A Isolation and Characterization of Human COX-2 Inhibitors from Cyperus scariosus R.Br rhizones 23.65 SR/WOS-A/LS-1160/2014 (G)
19 HOD Sep, 2015 DST Metabolic Engineering Lab 67 SR/FST/LSI-608/2014(C.)
20 Mr. G.V.S Rama Krishna Sep, 2016 DST Application of pullulan based Edible Active Films and Coatings (EAFC''''s) in shelf life extension and packaging of fresh produce 12.49 SP/YO/026/2016 (G)
21 Dr. Chandrasekhar Chanda Dec, 2016 SERB- ECRA Biochemical and Molecular Characterization of Snake Venom Metalloproteinases and Disintegrins from Cobra Venoms 40.36 ECR/2016/001673/LS
22 Dr Bhadra Murthy Vemulapati Apr, 2017 SERB-EMRF Mapping of fusion (F) and attachment (G) glycoprotein regions of Nipah virus (NiV) to identify potential drug targets against NiV 68.04 EMR/2016/003301
23 Dr. B. Jaya Kumar Singh Dr. Maharshi Bhaswant Cheethirala Jul, 2018 SERB-EMRF Efficacy and toxicity evaluation of new pancreatic lipase inhibitors identified by high throughput screening targeted to obesity and co-morbid disorders 37.65 EMR/2016/007678
24 Dr. Mahendran Botlagunta Dr. Praveen Kumar Vemuri (Co-PI) Oct, 2018 SERB - EMRF Identification and Characterization of Sexually Dimorphic micro RNAs (miRNAs) associated with X chromosome linked DDX3 gene 30.61 EMR/2017/001294
25 Dr. Venkata Rajesh Yella Nov, 2018 SERB-ECRA Delineation of DNAstructural features of various promoter categories in eukaryotes an in silico approach 23.77 ECR/2017/001100
26 Dr. M. Sudhamani Dec, 2018 DST Trace metal mutritional security of rural women and their economic empowerment through food fortification technology 40.19 SEED/WS/052/2015
27 Dr Burra V L S Prasad Jul, 2019 DST Drug designing against Tuberculosis targeting a novel protein from M. Tuberculosis - N2G966 rRNA methyltransferase (RsMD)" 18.29 ISRM/12(07)/2019
28 Dr. B. Jaya Kumar Singh Dec, 2019 AICTE Augmentation of Genetic Engineering Lab with Fluorescent Elisa Reader 19 9-282/RIFD/MOD/Policy-1/2018-19
29 Dr. B. Jayakumar Singh Oct, 2020 INDO-AUSTRALIA Insilico and Invitro screening of novel natural molecules as inhibitors of spike protein 10.52 International Project
30 Dr Burra V L S Prasad Dec, 2019 SERB Structure determination and analysis of native, hybrid, mutant mycobacterial RecA and c-di-AMP complexes to develop novel allosteric inhibitors against Mycobacterium tuberculosis 14.57 CRG/2018/003276

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