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Sponsored Projects - Ongoing

S.No Name of the PI/Co-PI Date of Start Funding Agency Title of the Project Amt Req. (in Lakhs) Reference Number
1 Dr. K. Giridhar March, 2021 DST Technology Business Incubator 1169 32/06/2020-NEB(G)
2 Dr. Burra V L S Prasad March, 2021 DST Design and Development a statistical scoring system against a library of Multi-Epitope based Peptide (MEBP) vaccine constructs to identify best vaccine candidates 20.35 DST/NSM/R''||chr(38)||''D_HPC_Applications/2021/03.23
3 Dr. Burra V L S Prasad Dec, 2022 MSME Technology development for Faster,cheaper and diverse single domain antibodies for disease prognostics, diagnostics and therognostics 12.75 17(2)/MSME Innovative/PMAC/2021-22
4 Dr. Burra V L S Prasad Dec, 2022 MSME Design and Development of HH (Healthy Healers (TM) Foot Wearables 12.75 17(2)/MSME Innovative/PMAC/2021-22

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