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Funded Projects

S.No Name of the PI/ Co-PI & Mentors Date of Start Funding Agency Title of the Project Sanctioned Amount in Lakhs Reference Number Status
1 Dr. Debajit Deb September, 2023 SERB Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Organic Magnetic Tunnel Junctions for
Room Temperature Spintronics Applications
30.00 SRG/2023/001648 On Going
2 Dr. BTP Madhav
Dr. Venkateswaran V
Dr. S.Arunmetha
Dr. P. Satys Srinivasa Babu
August, 2023 DST - PURSE Establish a Centre of Excellence Focussed on Novel Low Dimensional Materials and Flexible Dielectrics for Optoelectronic and Microwave Devices - PURSE-2023 700.00 SR/PURSE/2023/196 On Going
3 Dr. G V Subba Rao Mar,2023 ISRO Thermal imaging of EB welds 12.19 ISRO/RES/3/934/22-23 On Going
4 Dr. G China Satyanarayana Mar,2023 SERB Investigation of the spatiotemporal variability of thunderstorms from ground based and geostationary satellite data using Deep-Learning techniques 21.12 CRG/2022/006514 On Going
5 Dr. G China Satyanarayana Feb,2023 APSDMA Projection of Disaster Events Over Andhra Pradesh during 2023-2050: A Climate Perspective 94.71 10-12038/32/2021-ADMIN SEC-SDMA-REVDM On Going
6 Dr. S. Koteswara Rao Feb,2023 DYSL-AT, DRDO Estimation of trajectory for aerial target and development of end game algorithm for manoeuvring of UAV. 21.77 DYSL-AT/RSQR/AS/2022-23/01 On Going
7 Dr. D. Venkata Ratnam,
Dr. M. Sridhar (Co-PI)
April, 2022 AICTE Mitigation of lonospheric Scintillation noise effects on Indian Satellite Navigation System (NAVIC) signals using software defined radio GNSS receiver 22.37 8-99/FDC/RPS/POLICY-1/2021-22 On Going
8 Dr. S. Koteswara Rao July, 2022 NRB-DRDO Submarine to Submarine Passive Target Tracking Using Deep Neural Kalman Filter 31.06 NRB/4003/PG/SSB/496 On Going
9 Dr. Arunmetha Sundaramoorthy April, 2022 UGC-DAE-CSR Develop Nanostructured materials for Efficient Solar Energy Conversion Applications 1.35 CRS/2021-22/04/643 On Going
10 Dr. S. Koteswara Rao
Dr. G V Subbarao (Co-PI)
April, 2022 NSTL-DRDO Performance evaluation of all TMA algorithms for BOT and calculation of MLA SOA for identified zigging targets. 36.48 NSTL/FCS/ICS/CARS-01 On Going
11 Dr. Arunmetha Sundaramoorthy Jan, 2022 SERB Development of Heterostructured Materials for an Efficient Photocatalytic and Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting towards Green Energy Harvesting 18.30 TAR/2021/000240 On Going
12 Dr M Sridhar March, 2022 SERB Development of machine learning based ionospheric scintillations forecasting algorithms using GNSS observations 20.46 CRG/2021/004529 On Going
13 Dr. P. Senthil Murugan/
Dr. K Sarat Kumar
March, 2022 DST Science Technology and Innovation Hub in Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh 259.36 DST/SEED/SCSP/STI/2021/699/G On Going
14 Dr. Sanjay Sankaranarayanan Dec, 2021 SERB Investigation of band alignment and carrier transport mechanism in GaN/Mo(W)S2 andGaN/Carbon p-n heterojunction for efficient energy harvesting devices 15.00 TAR/2021/000027 On Going
15 HOD-ECE/FIST-Co-ordinator Jan, 2020 DST To Strengthen the Research Facilities in the department 105.00 SR/FST/ET-11/2019/450 On Going
16 Dr. Sampad Kumar Panda Co PI Dr. S. Koteswara Rao Sep, 2020 SERB Equatorial Plasma Bubble and zonal irregularity drift characterstics of Inospheric scintillations and mitigations of loss of lock through dynamic kalman filter carrier tracking for high performance GNSS navigation and positioning solutions. 37.09 CRG/2019/003394 On Going
17 Dr.P. Gangamohan Oct, 2020 SERB Prosody mapping across Indian languages: Application towards incorporation of prosody in speech to speech translation systems. 11.35 SRG/2020/001363 Completed
18 DR. M. BHANU CHANDRA Nov, 2019 SERB Development of Nanofoam based Plasmonic structures towards Photo-Electro-Chemical Water-Splitting and CO2 reduction 56.22 CRG/2019/005985 Completed
19 Dr. G.V. Subba Rao, Dr. Ramasastry (Co-PI, ME) oct, 2018 NRB - DRDO Development of a Non stationary thermal wave imaging based system for quantitative coasting thickness evaluation and subsurface anomally detection 26.03 NRB-423/MAT/18-19 Completed
20 DR. S. KOTESWARA RAO Dec, 2019 NRB Ownship tactics under tortedo attack using speed constraint contact motion analysis 9.98 NSTL-CARS-1 Completed
21 DR. S. KOTESWARA RAO May, 2019 NRB State of art submarine target motion analysis 26.96 NRB-452/SSB/2019-20 Completed
22 Dr. Sivavaraprasad Gampala Mar, 2019 SERB Implementation of Deep Learning Algorithms to Develop Web based Ionospheric Time Delays Forecasting System over Indian Region using Ground based GNSS and NAVigation with Indian Constellation (NAVIC) observations 17.97 ECR/2018/001701 Completed
23 Ms. Kausar Jahan Dr. S. Koteswara Rao (Mentor) Sep, 2018 DST WOS-A Bearings - only target tracking using hull mounted and towed array measurements 6.68 SR/WOS-A/ET-139/2017 (G) Completed
24 Dr. D. Venkata Ratnam
Dr. M. Sridhar
Aug, 2018 ISRO IRNSS Navigation Receiver Field Trial and Data Collection 18.54 NGP Completed
25 Ms Preeti Mallela
Dr K. Srinivasa Rao (Mentor)
Dec, 2017 DST WOS-A Development of MEMS based wearable sensors for early stage identification of Parkinson's disease 26.60 SR/WOS-A/ET-111/2016 (G) Completed
26 Dr. K. S. Ramesh Sep, 2017 MoES Application of Advanced Statistical Signal Processing Algorithms for Earthquake 5.00 MoES/P.O. (Seismo)/1 (310)/2016 Completed
27 Dr. SivaKumar M
Dr. B.T.P. Madhav (Mentor)
Feb, 2017 SERB- EEQ Design and Development of RF-MEMS based Reconfigurable Antenna for Body Area Network Applications 41.45 EEQ/2016/000604 Completed
28 Dr. Kumar Naik K Feb, 2017 SERB- EEQ Investigations on Implantable Conformal Antennas for the Biomedical Applications 38.06  EEQ/2016/000754 Completed
29 Dr. D. Venkat Ratnam Jan, 2017 ISRO Development of Single Frequency Ionospheric correction plasma bubble detection algorithms using GAGAN NavIC TEC observations. 15.98 NGP-10 Completed
30 Dr D. Venkat Ratnam,
Dr S. Koteswara Rao
Nov, 2016 SERB- ECRA Development of Ionospheric TEC Data Assimilation Model based on Kalman Filter Using Ground and Space based GNSS and Ionosonde observatiions 17.32 ECR/2015/000410 Completed
31 Dr Srinivasa Rao Karumuri,
Dr M. Durga Praskash
Oct, 2016 SERB- ECRA Design Fabrication and Characterization of MEMS Bio-Sensor for Detection of Cholera and Diarrhea 31.55 ECR/2016/000757 Completed
32 Dr. Mahamuda Shaik Oct, 2016 SERB- ECRA Preparation and Characterization of Rare Earth ions doped Oxide, Fluoride and Oxy - Fluoride Glasses/Glassy Ceramics for Fiber Lasers and Optical Fiber 52.03 ECR/2016/000376 Completed
33 Dr B T P Madhav Sep, 2016 SERB- ECRA Development of Conformal Liquid Crystal Polymer based Reconfigurable Antenna for Vehicular Band Applications 43.01 ECR!2016/000569 Completed
34 Mrs. Chandrika Panigrahi,
Dr. Habibulla Khan (Mentor)
Sep, 2016 SERB Validation of the Dropsize Distribution Models Over Indian Region for Rain Attenuation Studies 19.20 PDF/2015/001049 Completed
35 Dr.Ch. Rajesh Jun, 2016 SERB Electron Energy Level Estimation Of Diluted Magnetic Quantum Nano Hetero Structures 34.51 SB/FTP/ETA-0213/2014 Completed
36 Dr.P.V.V.Kishore Mar, 2016 SEED Visual - Verbal Machine Interpreter Fostering Hearing Impaired and Elderly 62.65 SEED/TIDE/013/2014 Completed
37 Dr.K.Ch.Srikavya Feb, 2016 SERB Characterization and Modelling of Ka-Band Earth Space Paths for Prediction of Total Attenuation including Fade Dynamics 53.60 EMR/2015/000100 Completed
38 Mr.Sripath Roy Kognati Jan, 2016 DRDO Xenomai OS porting on i.Mx6 dual core processor 9.90 RCI/DCMM/LPD/CARS Completed
39 Dr.K.Ch.Sri Kavya Aug, 2015 SERB Performance Analysis of Ka-Band Reconfigurable Antennas for Fade Mitigation in Earth Space Paths 38.93 SB/FTP/ETA-0175/2014 Completed
40 Dr.S.Koteswara Rao Aug, 2015 DRDO Advanced Submarine Target Motion Analysis 18.76 NRB-362/SSB/15-16 Completed
41 Dr.Kumar Naik Aug, 2015 SERB Analysis and Design of Concentric Circular Ring Microstrip Patch Antenna 35.50 SB/FTP/ETA-0179/2014 Completed
42 Dr.D.Venkata Ratnam Apr, 2015 UGC - RA Stimulation of adoptive Kalman Filter for unmanned Air craft vehicles (UAV) 2015-17 16.32 30-33/2015 (SA-II) Completed
43 Dr.G.V.Subba Rao Apr, 2015 UGC - RA Subsurface analysis using compressed infrared imaging 16.82 30-1/2014/RA-2014-16-GE-ANP-5573 (SA-II) Completed
44 Dr.G.V.Subba Rao Dec, 2013 DST-SERB Depth Resolution and Sizing Studies in Thermal Wave Detection and Ranging (TWDAR) 29.47 SB/S3/EECE/0139/2013 Completed
45 Dr.K.Satya Ramesh Dr.D.V.Ratnam Sep, 2013 DST-SERB Study of Subtropical Ionospheric Electon Irregularties and Seismo-Inonospheric Peturbations using GPS Recivers - Reg. 31.11 SR/S4/AS-91/2012 Completed
46 Dr.K.Sarat Kumar
Dr.D.Venkata Ratnam
Jun, 2013 DST-SERC Ku band propagation impairments studies over Indian region to develop rain attenuation contours and suitable models 39.81 SR/S4/AS-82/2011 Completed
47 HOD Jun, 2013 DST Antennas, RF Microwave Engineering 55.00 SR/FST/ETI-316/2012 Completed
48 Mrs.R.Revati Dr.K.S.Ramesh Nov, 2012 DST-WOS-A Study of Dynamical Coupling between Ionospheric and Earths Atmosphere subject to Meteorological and Seismic Disturbances over Coastal area (Guntur) by installing GPS receiver 26.50 SR/WOS-A/AS-07/2011 Completed
49 Dr.D.Venkata Ratnam May, 2012 DST – SERB FAST Track Scheme-YS Development of Ionospheric forecadting models for satellite based Navigation systems over low latitude stations 21.33 SR/FTP-ETA/0029/2012 Completed
50 Dr. K. Sarat Kumar Feb, 2012 AICTE Design of Low Cost Amateur Radio SATELLITE Compatible Transceiver Setup’s for Operation and Quick Establishment of Communication Platforms during Disaster Situations (A Means to Save the Life during Disasters) 9.28 8023/RID/RPS-32/Pvt(IIPolicy)/2011-12 Completed
51 Ms.K. Ch. Sri Kavya,
Dr. K. Sarat Kumar (Mentor)
Nov, 2011 DST-WOS-A Communication Platforms using the Low Cost Transceivers setup’s for Quick Establishment and Operation during Disaster Situations 25.45 SR/WOS-A/ET-033/2011(G) Completed
52 Mrs.I. Govardhani Nov, 2011 DST-WOS-A Experimental Studies on Ku and Ka-band Satellite Signal Propagation Impairments 25.50 SR/WOS-A/ET-081/2011(G) Completed
53 Ms.S.Srijaya Lakshmi Nov, 2011 DST-WOS-A Systematic Designing of compact slot antennas for wireless LAN applications 24.55 SR/WOS-A/ET-075/2011(G) Completed
54 Dr. Gouthu Uma Sep, 2011 DST-WOS-A Global studies on ionospheric density irregularities during quiet time using space-based remote sensing techniques 19.30 SR/WOS-A/PS-01/2011(G) Completed
55 Mrs.D. Madhavi Latha Jul, 2010 DST-WOS-A Optical studies on nano-particles doped liquid crystals 14.58 SR/WOS-A/PS-05/2010 Completed
56 Dr. K. Sarat Kumar Feb, 2010 DST – SERC Prediction of Propagation Impairments for Ku  Ka Band Satellite Links – Real Time Monitoring  Analysis for Communications/ Services 11.00 SR/FTP/ETA-079/2009 Completed
57 Prof. V.G.K.M. Pisipati Jan, 2010 DST-SERB Systematic studies of phase stability in dimeric liquid crystals 26.00 SR/S2/CMP-71/2008 Completed
58 Dr. P. Siddaiah  Jul, 2009 DLRL RF Front end Receivers spurious/ Harmonic analysis 8.25 DLRL/ST/111/20090224/A Completed
59 Dr. P. Siddaiah  Jun, 2009 ISRO Design feasibility study and realization of a single directional antenna for L  S bands 13.44 DOS/PAO/GIA/2009-10/21 Completed
60 Dr. P. Siddaiah Mar, 2009 UGC Design for optimization of phased array antennas 10.26 35-122/2008(SR) Completed
61 Dr. P. Siddaiah Aug, 2008 CARS Theoretical studies on phased array antennas for satellite links from Aircrafts 8.50 KLCE/ECE/CARS/200721 Completed
62 Dr. P. Siddaiah May, 2007 CARS Carrying out theoretical studies on simulator 4.50 524804/KLCE/01 Completed
63 Dr. P. Siddaiah Apr, 2007 AICTE Modernisation of Digital Signal Processing Lab 5.00   Completed
64 Dr. P. Siddaiah Feb, 2007 AICTE Radome design 5.82 8023/BOR/RPS-51/2006-07 Completed
        TOTAL 2591.83