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Guest Lecturers delivered by other Experts

S. No. Title of The Event Type of Event Event Date
1 Optoelectronics Device Simulation Guest Lecture 25-08-2018
2 The wonder material for Photovoltaics Guest Lecture 25-09-2018
3 ARM Processors Guest Lecture 12-12-2018
4 Computer Networks and Preparation for Core Industry Guest Lecture 10-08-2019
5 Use of Computer Networks Guest Lecture 02-09-2019
6 Advance in RF Communications Carries Opportunity Guest Lecture 14-09-2019
7 Introduction to Mixed Signal Verification Using Verilog Guest Lecture 25-04-2020
8 Artificial Neural Networks and Applications Guest Lecture 27-06-2020
9 An Insight on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Guest Lecture 31-08-2020
10 Synthesis of digital circuits in VLSI Guest Lecture 28-11-2020
11 Recent Trends in Millimeter/THz Wave Vacuum Electron Beam Devices Guest Lecture 06-11-2020
12 When Transmission Line Radiates!!! – From Product Perspective Guest Lecture 30-01-2021
13 Industrial Opportunities in VLSI Guest Lecture 13-02-2021
14 Solar Power – The Ultimate Source of Energy Guest Lecture 31-07-2021
15 Significances of Radar Cross-Section Guest Lecture 08-01-2022
16 Natural Language Processing Guest Lecture 22-01-2022
17 Characterisation of Functional Electronics Material through FTIR and UV-Visible Spectroscopy Guest Lecture 02-03-2022
18 Advancement of MT-InSAR Technique for Earth Surface Deformation Monitoring Guest Lecture 13-04-2022
19 Carrier Opportunities Guest Lecture 25-07-2022
20 A Training Program on Platform and Applications of Ansys Guest Lecture 03-09-2022
21 Synthetic Aperture Radar Remote Sensing Guest Lecture 10-11-2022
22 IoT Technology and Job Opportunity Guest Lecture 26-12-2022
23 Career oppurtunities in VLSI Guest Lecture 01-02-2023
24 NASA Technologies for Space Exploration Guest Lecture 17-02-2023
25 IC Chip Design and Related Scopes in Industry Guest Lecture 29-09-2023
26 AI and Machine Learning Applications for Computer Vision Guest Lecture 12-12-2023