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Research Centers

Our Research Centers serve as the beating heart of innovation and exploration, driving forward the frontiers of knowledge in the field. These centers are more than just physical spaces; they are vibrant ecosystems where groundbreaking research takes shape, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. At KLU, we understand that the pursuit of excellence in ECE requires a collaborative and intellectually stimulating environment. That's why our Research Clubs play a pivotal role, serving as the hub for our research activities. These clubs bring together like-minded individuals, fostering a culture of curiosity and creativity. At KLU ECE, you'll not only be a part of cutting-edge research but also contribute to shaping the future of technology. The Research equipment in our research centers and Software used are listed.

S.No. Research Centers In charges
1 Space Technology and Atmosphere Sciences (STAR) Dr. Venkataratnam D
2 Infrared Image Center (IIC) Dr. G V SubbaRao
3 Applied Signal Processing Research Center (ASPRC) Dr. S. KoteswaraRao
4 Bio-Mechanics and Vision computing Research Center (BVCRC) Dr. P V V Kishore
5 MEMS Research Center Dr. K SrinivasaRao
6 Center for applied research in Electromagnetics(CARE) Dr. K. Ch. Sri Kavya
7 Antenna and Liquid crystal Research Center (ALRC) Dr. B T P Madhav
8 Research Activity Center Dr. B T P Madhav