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Faculty Incharge:Dr.Uday Kiran

Student Incharge: Charith | Karthikeya

SENSE (Social Empowerment by Novel and Smart Engineering) is a technical body of Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. It has taken up the initiative to motivate and train the students and faculty of the KLEF to flourish themselves in the path of technological developments. The club involves the people who can thrive to find technical solutions which will help our nations development in various aspects. It is an amalgamation of faculties and students from various departments, to come together and work with innovative and smart ideas for the societal welfare. Teams are working on various projects which are real time implementable and taking the projects to urban community and majorly concentrating on rural area to strengthen our country. The major technical domains of this club are Embedded, IOT, Machine Learning, Signal Processing, GPS.

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Faculty Incharge: Dr. Aswin

Student Incharge: Ashraf | Santosh Kumar

Embedded IOT is a technical body of Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Internet of Things (IoT) is another worldview that has changed the conventional method of living into an innovative way of life. Smart city, smart homes, contamination control, energy saving, keen transportation, brilliant enterprises are such changes because of IoT. A ton of critical exploration studies and examinations have been done to improve the innovation through IoT. Notwithstanding, there are still a ton of difficulties and issues that should be addressed to accomplish the maximum capacity of IoT. These difficulties and issues should be considered from different parts of IoT like applications, challenges, empowering advancements, social and natural effects and so on. This is the objective of the club. Here in this club different IoT solutions are solved with group work giving a particular task according to application. This club welcomes every person whether a faculty or Students are welcome. The work you have learned here will enhance your future. The solutions are covering using Advanced Microcontrollers like 32bit,16bit and 8bit with internet Connectivity.

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Faculty Incharge:Dr.Sujatha

Student Incharge:Srinivas | Snehith

NI LabVIEW Centre of Excellence (KLEF NI COE) in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, is equipped with one crore worth NI hardware that includes application based measurement specific modules (myDAQ,cDAQ,myRIO,cRIO), protocol support FPGA-enabled hardware, and options for industrial , and rugged locations campus licensed LabVIEW software and data acquisition with real time sensors for automation. Our KLEF NI COE has been awarded as the Best Graphical system Design. More than 300 faculty and 5000 students have been trained and certified in LabVIEW. KLEF NI COE runs a NI Technical Club which organizes various training for students and faculty such as CLAD, CLD, NI hardware, State and National level Project Competitions, Workshops and other technical events.

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Faculty Incharge:Dr. S. Rooban


Robotronics is a technical body of Department of Electronics and Communication, it typically serves as a hub for students interested in robotics, providing a platform for learning, collaboration, and hands-on experience in the field of robotics and automation. The club organize workshops, training sessions, and seminars to help members develop their technical skills in robotics. These sessions cover topics such as programming, electronics, control systems, and mechanical design. One of the central activities of a robotic club is the initiation and completion of hands-on projects. These projects can range from building small robotic prototypes to participating in larger-scale competitions. Members collaborate on design, construction, and programming, gaining practical experience in the process. Many robotic club members participate in local, national, and international robotics competitions. These events challenge members to apply their skills in a competitive setting, fostering teamwork and innovation.

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