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Department of
electronics & communication Engineering

About Pulse

The student body of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering [ECE] PULSE, is a small effort to recognize great talents, a platform to enhance and nurture one’s skills, a path for students to progress. It is not only an opportunity for students to enhance their talents but also on the whole It’s a place to find something which can give value and meaning to the student life. As the name goes P-U-L-S-E, it powers every strand in your body and leaves you with a stimulation to work every-day with the goal and determination to stand out in the crowd and get success. Team Pulse has been conducting critically acclaimed flagship events year on year, such as the Idol of ECE, Treasure hunt, Tejomayam, Iconic Engineer, Project Expo and Renovate for students of Electronics department.

Inchargers for Pulse
Sno Name of the Faculty Designation Faculty Photo
1 Dr K Ch Sri Kavya Prof-Incharge
2 Mr P Srikanth Reddy Faculty-Incharge
Student CORE TEAM 2023-24 PULSE CODE Student Name Wing Name ID.NO
1 KLECEP01 Vinay  Gottimukkala President 2000040209
2 KLECEP02 Asritha Morampudi Treasurer 2000040008
3 KLECEP03 G Venkata Siva Praveen Campus Relations  2000040156
4 KLECEP04 Yogindra Kanumuri Campus Relations  2000040069
5 KLECEP05 Lalith Madhav K Designing 2000049011
6 KLECEP06 S Anudeep Designing 2000040184
7 KLECEP07 M Jaswitha Priya Drafting 2000040055
8 KLECEP08 T Hruday Drafting 2000040148
9 KLECEP09 Sk Rabbani Technical clubs 2000040128
10 KLECEP10 Santosh Kumar E Technical  2000040125
11 KLECEP11 Namgiri Snehith Technical  2000040103
12 KLECEP12 B Likitha Non-Technical 2010040056
13 KLECEP13 V Pragnesh Ram Non-Technical 2000040277
14 KLECEP14 B L Gnapikaa HR & INFO COMM 2000040018
15 KLECEP15 Y Deepika Jyothi HR & INFO COMM 2000040164
16 KLECEP16 G N V Surya Creative Arts 2000040100
17 KLECEP17 T Nagamani Creative Arts 2000040298
18 KLECEP18 G Pavan Teja Public Relations 2000040169
19 KLECEP19 K B Varun Krishna Public Relations 2000040080
21 KLECEP21 Teja Sri.Chaparala R&C 2000049045
22 KLECEP22 Kowshik Reddy Logistics 2000040182
23 KLECEP23 Veera Bolloju Logistics 2000040214
24 KLECEP24 Akarsh Sponsorship 2000040093
25 KLECEP25 Disney pardhasaradhi Sponsorship 2000040210
26 KLECEP26 M INDU CHOWDARY Protocol 2000040097
27 KLECEP27 B DAMODHAR RAO Protocol 2000040293
28 KLECEP28 M Sai Bhavana Culturals 2000040088
29 KLECEP29 K CHANDU MANI SAI Culturals 2000040223
30 KLECEP30 N YASWANTH GIRI Stage Management 2000040101
31 KLECEP31 RAJARIKAM KIREETI Stage Management 2000040196
32 KLECEP32 CHAPARALA LEKHANA Anchoring 2000040023
33 KLECEP33 A.V.N NITHIN DATTA Hospitality 2000040306
34 KLECEP34 SHAIK ALTHAF HUSSAIN Hospitality 2000040130
35 KLECEP35 B  RISHI KIRAN Broad Casting 2000040015
36 KLECEP36 K Haveela Extension & Outreach Activites 2000040066
37 KLECEP37 DJYOSWITHA SINDHU Extension & Outreach Activites 2000040030
38 KLECEP38 Karthik Chowdary Secretary 2100040134