Mentor–Mentee Photo Gallery

Mentor-Mentee Of Hyderabad Campus On Sep 21st, 2019 at KLH Campus

‘Mentoring’ signifies a relationship in which a ‘Mentee’ learns from the rich experiences of his/her ‘Mentor’. The Mentor will help the ‘Mentee’ manage the potential learning and its importance for sculpting their Career either in Entrepreneurship or Employment, the way of handling the complexities of business and life, both personal and professional. The relationship thus formed is extremely enriching and rewarding.

The concept of Mentorship provides for a ‘Support System’ within an Academic Institution or the Organizational set-up of a Company. Although the relationship starts as an Organizational concept it soon evolves into something deeper and meaningful to both the Mentor as well as the Mentee. It also smoothens the transition from academics to professional life.

Mentor has the knowledge and experience that the Mentee can draw upon and get practical as well as objective guidance in helping the Mentee become the person he/she wants to be in the Organization/ Career, by carving out a bright Career. .