Completed Sponsored Projects

List of Completed Projects

S.NoName of the PI/Co-PIDate of StartFunding AgencyTitle of the ProjectAmt Req.
(In Lakhs)
Reference NumberBranch
1Dr. P. Siddaiah2007CARSCarrying out theoretical studies on simulator4.500524804/KLCE/01ECE
2Dr. P. Siddaiah2007AICTE Modernisation of Digital Signal Processing Lab5.000ECE
3Prof. K. Subba Rao2007AICTESwitching control strategies for the Direct Torque contract of Induction motor Drives 5.000200-62/FIN/04/05/1478/353EEE
4Prof. K. V. Ramana2007NSTLDevelopment of expert systems for condition monitoring9.490NSTL/CARS/2007-08ME
5Dr. P. SiddaiahFeb,2007AICTERadome design5.8208023/BOR/RPS-51/2006-07ECE
6HOD2008AICTE Modernisation of Civil Engineering Lab5.0008023/RID/BUR/MOD-66/2007-08CE
7Dr. P. Siddaiah2008CARSTheoretical studies on phased array antennas for satellite links from Aircrafts8.500KLCE/ECE/CARS/200721ECE
8Dr. R. Srinivasa Reddy Oct,2008DST – SERC Sequential separation of high value products from microalgae12.960SR/FT/LS-009/2008BT
9Dr. M. SrinivasanDec,2008UGCNon-classical estimation techniques for autonomous Robots simultaneous localization and mapping in unknown Environment6.33834-402/2008(SR)EEE
10Dr. B. J. K. SinghMar,2009UGCIsolation, identification and characterization of protein pollen allergens of Indian origin10.12834-260/2008(SR)BT
11Dr. R. S. ReddyMar,2009UGCStudies on flue gas fed microalgae for alternative fuel production10.35835-26/2008(SR)BT
12Dr. P. SiddaiahMar,2009UGCDesign for optimization of phased array antennas10.26335-122/2008(SR)ECE
13Dr. P. Siddaiah (PI)Jun,2009ISRODesign feasibility study and realization of a single directional antenna for L & S bands13.440DOS/PAO/GIA/2009-10/21ECE
14Dr. P. Siddaiah (PI)Jul,2009DLRLRF Front end Receivers spurious/ Harmonic analysis8.250DLRL/ST/111/20090224/AECE
15Dr. A. Srinath (PI)Dec,2009UGCDevelopment of an expert system for design of an optimum manipulator for any medical/ surgical robot with the incorporation of neural network & fuzzy logic concepts for sensing. 7.69038-106/2009(SR)ME
16Prof. V.G.K.M. Pisipati Jan,2010DST-SERBSystematic studies of phase stability in dimeric liquid crystals26.000SR/S2/CMP-71/2008ECE
17Dr. K. Sarat KumarFeb,2010DST – SERC Prediction of Propagation Impairments for Ku & Ka Band Satellite Links – Real Time Monitoring & Analysis for Communications/ Services 11.000SR/FTP/ETA-079/2009ECE
18Mrs.D. Madhavi LathaJul,2010DST-WOS-AOptical studies on nano-particles doped liquid crystals14.580SR/WOS-A/PS-05/2010ECE
19Dr. R. Srinivasa ReddyAug,2010DBTCO2 Mitigation and Cultivation of oil rich microalgae for Bio-fuel production20.910BT/PR11888/PBD/26/94/2009BT
20Dr. B. J. K. SinghFeb,2011DST – SERC Molecular characterization of plant Endo-N-Acetylglucosaminidases (ENGase)16.470SR/FT/LS-033/2009BT
21Ms.Swapna KoneruSep,2011DST-WOS-AAbsorption and emission characteristics of earth doped glasses for efficient lasers21.700SR/WOS-A/PS-35/2011(G)PHYSICS
22Dr. Gouthu UmaSep,2011DST-WOS-AGlobal studies on ionospheric density irregularities during quiet time using space-based remote sensing techniques19.300SR/WOS-A/PS-01/2011(G)ECE
23Dr. K. Raghava RaoSep,2011DST Web description and building models for sensors to discover knowledge for prediction and decision making15.540NRDMS/11/1653/010/Pr.16ECM
24Ms.S.Srijaya LakshmiNov,2011DST-WOS-ASystematic Designing of compact slot antennas for wireless LAN applications24.550SR/WOS-A/ET-075/2011(G)ECE
25Mrs.I. GovardhaniNov,2011DST-WOS-AExperimental Studies on Ku and Ka-band Satellite Signal Propagation Impairments25.500SR/WOS-A/ET-081/2011(G)ECE
26Ms.K. Ch. Sri Kavya Dr. K. Sarat Kumar (Mentor)Nov,2011DST-WOS-ACommunication Platforms using the Low Cost Transceivers setup’s for Quick Establishment and Operation during Disaster Situations25.450SR/WOS-A/ET-033/2011(G)ECE
27Mrs.K. ChandrikaNov,2011DST-WOS-AAn integrated process development of continuous sequestration of CO2 and the production of value added products26.000SR/WOS-A/ET-76/2011(G)BT
28Ms.Deevi Radha RaniNov,2011DST-WOS-ASecuring the Embedded Systems from side channels21.600SR/WOS-A/ET-78/2011(G)CSE
29Dr. K. Sarat KumarFeb,2012AICTEDesign of Low Cost Amateur Radio SATELLITE Compatible Transceiver Setup’s for Operation and Quick Establishment of Communication Platforms during Disaster Situations (A Means to Save the Life during Disasters)9.2808023/RID/RPS-32/Pvt(IIPolicy)/2011-12ECE
30Dr.A.Srihari PrasadFeb,2012AICTE Expermental investigation of thermomechanical properties of natural fiberreinforced composite materials.8.7008023/RID/RPS-31/Pvt(II Policy)/2011-12ME
31Mrs.Sk.MahamudaFeb,2012DST-WOS-ASpectral Studies of Neodymium doped glass and glass ceramics for efficient laser action14.980SR/WOS-A/PS-53/2011( G)PHYSICS
32Mrs.G.Swapna Dr. B. Jayakumar Singh (Mentor)Mar,2012DST-WOS-AScreening the mitigation of carcinogenic PAHs and CO emissions of flue gases by microbial consortia22.400SR/WOS-A/LS-370/20119(G)BT
33Dr.T.Venkateswara RaoMar,2012DSTInsilico approaches to multitarget ligand designing and assay based screening of Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors27.200SR/CSI/138/2011(G)BT
34Dr. R. Srinivasa ReddyMar,2012DBTNovel Biorefineries : Design and process development for production of high value products and biofuels from microalgal consortium 60.810BT/PR1420/PBD/26/276/2011BT
35Dr.B.J.K.SinghMar,2012ICMRAllergen Epitope Mapping and Invivio screening of Pro-inflammatory Cytokines12.292DHR/Plan scheme/GIA/10/2012BT
36Dr.D.Venkata RatnamMay,2012DST – SERB FAST Track Scheme-YSDevelopment of Ionospheric forecadting models for satellite based Navigation systems over low latitude stations21.330SR/FTP-ETA/0029/2012ECE
37Dr. A. SrinathMay,2012DST – SERB FAST Track Scheme-YSDesign and Development of Robotic Set up for Cardio Pulmonary Discorders - Emphasis on Cardiac Resuscitation17.710SER/FTP/ET-0067/2012ME
38Mrs.N.Krishna Jyothi Dr.K.Vijay KumarNov,2012DST-WOS-ADevelopment and Characterization of Nano-structured conducting polymer electrolyte system for electrochemical cell applications23.800SR/WOS-A/PS-52/2011(G)PHYSICS
39Ms.Shechinah Felice Choragudi Dr.B.Jayakumar SinghNov,2012DST-WOS-ACharacterization of Pollen specific Polygalacturonase of Sorghum bicolor19.400SR/WOS-A/LS-397/2011(G)BT
40Mrs.R.Revati Dr.K.S.RameshNov,2012DST-WOS-AStudy of Dynamical Coupling between Ionospheric and Earth''''s Atmosphere subject to Meteorological and Seismic Disturbances over Coastal area (Guntur) by installing GPS receiver26.500SR/WOS-A/AS-07/2011ECE
41Dr.M.SudhamaniApr,2013DST-SERB-YSApplication of Therapeutic sugar producing lactic acid bacteria in diabetes and obesity management25.000SB/FT/LS-212/2012BT
42HODJune,2013DSTAntennas, RF & Microwave Engineering55.000SR/FST/ETI-316/2012ECE
43Dr.K.Sarat Kumar Dr.D.Venkata RatnamJune,2013DST-SERC Ku band propagation impairments studies over Indian region to develop rain attenuation contours and suitable models39.810SR/S4/AS-82/2011ECE
44Dr.B.Mahendran Dr.K. Vijaya KumarJune,2013DBTTargeted Delivery of Nanoparticle to Enhance DR5-DDX3 Mediated Apoptosis in Tumour Environment42.950BT/PR6743/NNT/28/614/2012BT
45HODJune,2013DSTRobotics & Mechtronics Lab55.000SR/FST/ETI-317/2012(C)ME
46Dr. K.L.NarayanaJul,2013AICTE Matching and Shaping of Material Employing WEDM13.75012/AICTE/RIFD/MOD (Policy-4) Pvt-58/2012-13ME
47Dr.K.Satya Ramesh Dr.D.V.RatnamSep,2013DST-SERBStudy of Subtropical Ionospheric Electon Irregularties and Seismo-Inonospheric Peturbations using GPS Recivers - Reg.31.110SR/S4/AS-91/2012ECE
48HODNov,2013DSTCentre for Atmosphere Science Research Studies47.000SR/FST/ETI-130/2013(C)AS
49HODNov,2013DSTInternet of things (IoT) Research Laboratory45.000SR/FST/ETI/332/2013(C) CSE
50Dr.G.V.Subba RaoDec,2013DST-SERBDepth Resolution and Sizing Studies in Thermal Wave Detection and Ranging (TWDAR)29.470SB/S3/EECE/0139/2013ECE
51Dr.B.MahendranJan,2014UGC - RAIdentification and characterization of DDX3 interactive proteins in the development of Breast Cancer27.15030-7/2012 (SA-II)BT
52Dr.B.Jaya Kumar SinghJan,2014UGC - RADevelopment of ELISA based diagnostic kit for the plant pollen cross reactive allergens34.69030-9/2012 (SA-II)BT
53Dr.A.SrinathJan,2014UGC - RADevelopment of CPR Apparatus using AI interface35.92030-70//2012 (SA-II)ME
54Dr.P.Raja BabuApr,2014ICSSRA Study on Financial Inclusion in Krishna District.7.00002/032/2014-15/RPR KLUBS
55Mr.J.SomlalJun,2014SERBFuzzy based space vector PWM Controlled shunt hybrid active power filter for power conditioning19.200SB/EMEQ-321/2014EEE
56Dr.B.Pradeep KumarJul,2014SERBDevelopment of electrochemical Immunosensor as a prostate cancer diagnostic tool20.000SERB/F/3037/2014-15CHEMISTRY
57Dr.G.V.Subba RaoApr,2015UGC - RASubsurface analysis using compressed infrared imaging16.82030-1/2014/RA-2014-16-GE-ANP-5573 (SA-II)ECE
58Dr.D.Venkata RatnamApr,2015UGC - RAStimulation of adoptive Kalman Filter for unmanned Air craft vehicles (UAV) 2015-1716.32030-33/2015 (SA-II)ECE
59Dr. S.R.Krishna MotukuriApr,2015UGC - RATranscriptome analysis of Chilli against drought8.52030-1/2014/RA-2014-16-OB-ANP-5581 (SA-II)BT
60Dr.B.Pradeep KumarApr,2015UGC - RAAn ultra sensitive electrochemical sensing platform for prostate cancer diagnosis at early stage 7.96030-1/2014/RA-2014-16-GE-MAD-5015 (SA-II)CHEMISTRY
61Mr.Maddila SrikanthMay,2015SERBMaximum Power Point Tracking Applications for DC Distribution System by Integration of Buck-Boost Converter.27.790 SB/EMEQ-322/2014EEE
62Ms.Ch.Chitralekha Dr.B.MahendranJun,2015DST-WOS-AScreening and Characterization of SNP associated Sex linked Biomarkers 23.100 SR/WOS-A/LS-1174/2014 (G)BT
63Ms.K.Lavanya Dr.B.MahendranJun,2015DST-WOS-AIsolation and Characterization of Human COX-2 Inhibitors from Cyperus scariosus R.Br rhizones23.650 SR/WOS-A/LS-1160/2014 (G)BT
64Dr.G.V.Krishna MohanJul,2015MOEFRed mud as an adsorbent for removal of pollutants17.82019/16/2014-RECHEMISTRY
65Mr.M.Nageswara RaoAug,2015SERBIntegration of Strategic Tactical and Operational Level Planning of Scheduling in Flexible Manufacturing System28.920SB/EMEQ-501/2014ME
66Dr.Obbu Chandra SekharAug,2015SERBDevelopment and Performance Evaluation of Controlled Techniques for Multi-Point Clamped Inverter fed Direct Torque Control Induction Motor Drive.34.410SB/FTP/ETA-0169/2014EEE
67Dr.Kumar NaikAug,2015SERBAnalysis and Design of Concentric Circular Ring Microstrip Patch Antenna35.500SB/FTP/ETA-0179/2014ECE
68Dr.A.Venkateswara RaoAug,2015SERBSynthesis, characterization and evaluation of nanostuructured spinel thin-film LiMn2O4 cathode active materials with hetero valent multi ion insertion: Application for rechargable microbatteries.37.540SB/FTP/ETA-0176/2014ME
69Dr.D.Aruna KumariAug,2015SERBDesign and Development of an Effective Privacy Preserving Data Mining Technique for Cardiac, Cancer and Diabetic Healthcare.35.780SB/FTP/ETA-0079/2014ECM
70Dr.S.Koteswara RaoAug,2015DRDOAdvanced Submarine Target Motion Analysis18.760NRB-362/SSB/15-16ECE
71Dr.A.Siva Sankar CH.Hanumantha RaoAug,2015DSTCreation of Andhra Pradesh Coastal Environmental Information System (APCEIS) using Remote Sensing '&' GIS12.000NRDMS/11/3046/014(C).CE
72Dr.K.Ch.Sri KavyaAug,2015SERBPerformance Analysis of Ka-Band Reconfigurable Antennas for Fade Mitigation in Earth Space Paths38.930SB/FTP/ETA-0175/2014ECE
73Ms.N. Lavanya Dr.M.Venu Gopala Rao (Mentor)Sep,2015DST-WOS-AA topology for multiple generation system with doubly fed induction machines and indirect matrix converter23.480SR/WOS-A/ET-1035/2014(G)EEE
74HODSep,2015DST Metabolic Engineering Lab67.000SR/FST/LSI-608/2014(C.)BT
75Prof.D.V. Bhaskara RaoDec,2015DSTSERB School on Computational Meteorology19.600SB/S4/AS -172/2015AS
76Dr M. SreedeviDec,2015DSTRural Women Technology Park in Tadepalle Mandal (Vaddeswaram Village), Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh86.220SEED/WS/029/2013CSE
77Mrs. K. HemamaliniDec,2015DSTDeveloping Nutritional Security and Economic Empowerment of Rural Women Throgh Community based approach in selected villages of Tadepalli Mandal, Guntur District.24.670SEED/WS/042/2014HM
78Mr.Sripath Roy KognatiJan,2016DRDOXenomai OS porting on i.Mx6 dual core processor9.900RCI/DCMM/LPD/CARSECE
79Dr.K.Ch.SrikavyaFeb,2016SERB Characterization and Modelling of Ka-Band Earth Space Paths for Prediction of Total Attenuation including Fade Dynamics53.600EMR/2015/000100ECE
80Ms. B.JyothiFeb,2016SERB Three phase to five phase transformation using transformer and five leg inverter to drive the five phase induction motor.21.620SB/EMEQ-320/2014EEE
81Dr.V.Chandra PrakashMar, 2016DSTDevelopment of an expert system for career assessment based on cognitive models16.870SR/CSRI/129/2014 (G)CSE
82Dr.P.V.V.KishoreMar, 2016SEEDVisual - Verbal Machine Interpreter Fostering Hearing Impaired and Elderly62.650SEED/TIDE/013/2014ECE
83Dr.S.Vijaya LaxmiMar,2016SERBOrganocatalytic enantioselective synthesis of biologically active heteroaryl compounds11.000SB/EMEQ/323/2014CHE
84Dr.S.Vijaya LaxmiMay, 2016SERB Organocatalytic Enantioselective Synthesis of Biologically Active Heteroaryl Compounds15.510YSS/2015/001581CHEMISTRY
85Dr.Ch. RajeshJune, 2016SERB Electron Energy Level Estimation Of Diluted Magnetic Quantum Nano Hetero Structures34.510SB/FTP/ETA-0213/2014ECE
86Dr. Swapna KoneruJune,2016SERB- ECRASpectral Characterization of Rare Earth ions doped telluride glasses for Optoelectronic materials applications44.330ECR/2015/000335EEE
87Dr. K.V. RamanaJune, 2016DST Development, Testing and Optimization of MRF dampers295.920DST/TSG/NTS/2015/68-CME
88Ms. Anusha Marouthu Dr. V. Srikanth(Mentor)Sep,2016DST-WOS-AAn Effective Co-operative MAC Protocol in Multi-Channel Multi-Radio Environment of Cognitive Wireless Mesh Networks20.500SR/WOS-A/ET-1071/2015(G)CSE
89Mrs. Chandrika Panigrahi, Dr. Habibulla Khan (Mentor)Sep,2016SERBValidation of the Dropsize Distribution Models Over Indian Region for Rain Attenuation Studies19.200PDF/2015/001049ECE
90Mr. G.V.S Rama KrishnaSep,2016DSTApplication of pullulan based Edible Active Films and Coatings (EAFC''s) in shelf life extension and packaging of fresh produce12.490SP/YO/026/2016 (G)BT
91Dr B T P MadhavSep,2016SERB- ECRADevelopment of Conformal Liquid Crystal Polymer based Reconfigurable Antenna for Vehicular Band Applications43.010ECR!2016/000569ECE
92Dr. Mahamuda ShaikOct, 2016SERB- ECRAPreparation and Characterization of Rare Earth ions doped Oxide, Fluoride and Oxy - Fluoride Glasses/Glassy Ceramics for Fiber Lasers and Optical Fiber52.030ECR/2016/000376ECE
93Dr Srinivasa Rao Karumuri, Dr M. Durga PraskashOct, 2016SERB- ECRADesign Fabrication and Characterization of MEMS Bio-Sensor for Detection of Cholera and Diarrhea31.550ECR/2016/000757ECE
94Dr D. Venkat Ratnam, Dr S. Koteswara RaoNov, 2016SERB- ECRADevelopment of Ionospheric TEC Data Assimilation Model based on Kalman Filter Using Ground and Space based GNSS and Ionosonde observatiions17.320ECR/2015/000410ECE
95HODDec,2016DSTDeveloping and Setup IOT Lab & IOT Testbed69.000SR/FST/ETI-410/2016ECM
96Dr. Yerramalli AnjaneyuluDec,2016Indo-US Science and Technology ForumHigh rate biomethanation of organic waste for generation of power for off-grid applications197.460IUSSTF/PSF/Call I /EOI1 /2016-17CAES
97Dr. Chandrasekhar ChandaDec,2016SERB- ECRABiochemical and Molecular Characterization of Snake Venom Metalloproteinases and Disintegrins from Cobra Venoms40.360ECR/2016/001673/LSBT
98Dr. D. Venkat RatnamJan, 2017ISRODevelopment of Single Frequency Ionospheric correction & plasma bubble detection algorithms using GAGAN & NavIC TEC observations.15.980NGP-10ECE
99Dr. Kumar Naik KFeb, 2017SERB- EEQInvestigations on Implantable Conformal Antennas for the Biomedical Applications38.060 EEQ/2016/000754ECE
100Dr. SivaKumar M Dr. B.T.P. Madhav (Mentor)Feb,2017SERB- EEQDesign and Development of RF-MEMS based Reconfigurable Antenna for Body Area Network Applications41.450EEQ/2016/000604ECE
101Dr Gubbala China SatyanarayanaMar,2017SERBHeat Waves over india: Analysis, Prediction and Risk Assessment29.100ECR/2016/001295CAS
102Dr Bhadra Murthy VemulapatiApril,2017SERB Mapping of fusion (F) and attachment (G) glycoprotein regions of Nipah virus (NiV) to identify potential drug targets against NiV68.040EMR/2016/003301BT
103Dr D.V. Bhaskar RaoMay, 2017SERB2nd SERB School on Computational Meterology20.000SB/S4/AS -172/2015CAS
104Dr. K. S. Ramesh Dr. S. Koteswara RaoSep, 2017MoESApplication of Advanced Statistical Signal Processing Algorithms for Earthquake 5.000MoES/P.O. (Seismo)/1 (310)/2016ECE
105Ms. Kausar Jahan Dr. S. Koteswara Rao (Mentor)Sep,2018DST WOS-ABearings - only target tracking using hull mounted and towed array measurements6.680SR/WOS-A/ET-139/2017 (G)ECE
Total Amount3081.719