Ongoing Sponsored Projects

List of Ongoing Projects

S.NoName of the PI/Co-PIDate of StartFunding AgencyTitle of the ProjectAmt Req.
(In Lakhs)
Reference NumberBranch
1Ms Preeti Mallela Dr K. Srinivasa Rao (Mentor)Dec, 2017DST WOS-ADevelopment of MEMS based wearable sensors for early stage identification of Parkinson''s disease26.600SR/WOS-A/ET-111/2016 (G)ECE
2Dr. Venkata Rajesh YellaJune,2018 SERB-ECRADelineation of DNAstructural features of various promoter categories in eukaryotes an in silico approach23.770ECR/2017/001100BT
3Dr. B. Jaya Kumar Singh July,2018SERB-EMRFEfficacy and toxicity evaluation of new pancreatic lipase inhibitors identified by high throughput screening targeted to obesity and co-morbid disorders37.650EMR/2016/007678BT
4Dr. K.L. Narayana Oct,2018DST -TIDEFunctionally graded prosthetics and biomedical implants with optimal porosity for aged people68.510SEED/TIDE/2018/33ME
5Dr. Mahendran Botlagunta Dr. Praveen Kumar Vemuri (Co-PI)Oct,2018SERB Identification and Characterization of Sexually Dimorphic micro RNAs (miRNAs) associated with X chromosome linked DDX3 gene30.610EMR/2017/001294BT
6Dr. G.V. Subba Rao Mr. Ramasastry (Co-PI, ME)Oct,2018DRDODevelopment of a Non stationary thermal wave imaging based system for quantitative coasting thickness evaluation and subsurface anomally detection26.030NRB-423/MAT/18-19ECE
7Dr. K. Raghava RaoDec,2018DSTDesign and Implementation of reconfigurable energy efficiency protocol based on IoT application Domain15.000DST/ICPS/CPS-Individual/2018/910(G)ECSE
8HODDec,2018DST-FISTTo Augment teaching and Research Facilities112.000SR/FST/PS-I/2018/35PHYSICS
9Dr. G. Sunita Sundari Dr. E. Hari Krishna (Co-PI)Dec,2018UGC-DAEDevelopment of Ion Conducting Polymer Electrolyte using Thin film Nano Crystalline Composites for the Application towards Batteries7.390CSR-KN/CRS-120/2018-19/1058PHYSICS
10Dr. D. Venkata Ratnam Dr. M. SridharFeb, 2017ISRO-NGPIRNSS Navigation Receiver Field Trial and Data Collection18.540NGO 10ECE
11Dr.Chandravati PrajapatiMar,2019SERB-TARETeachers Associateship for Research Excellence18.300TAR/2018/000552PHYSICS (KLU-H)
12Dr. M. SudhamaniMar,2019DST-SEEDTrace metal mutritional security of rural women and their economic empowerment through food fortification technology40.190SEED/WS/052/2015BT
13Dr. Sivavaraprasad GampalaMar,2019SERB-ECRA Implementation of Deep Learning Algorithms to Develop Web based Ionospheric Time Delays Forecasting System over Indian Region using Ground based GNSS and NAVigation with Indian Constellation (NAVIC)observations17.970ECR/2018/001701ECE
14Dr Burra V L S PrasadJuly,2019ICMRdrug designing against Tuberculosis targeting a novel protein from M. Tuberculosis - N2G966 rRNA methyltransferase (RsMD)"20.000ISRM/12(07)/2019BT
15Dr. S. Koteswara RaoJuly,2019 DRDO-NRBState of art submarine target motion analysis26.960NRB-452/SSB/2019-20ECE
16K.Rajasekhara RaoNov,2019MeitYTechnology Incubation and Development of Entrepreneurs TIDE 2.0170.000Meity/IPR/TIDE/16(2)/2019CSE
17Dr.R.satyavathiMay,2019UGC-DAEMapping of trace element Aluminium in human body fluid by busing PIXE technique and its linkage to Alzeiemers disease7.390UGC-DAE-CSR-KC/CRS/19/TE01/1075PHYSICS(KLH)
18Dr. K.V Siva PrasadDec,2019ICSSR-MRPCorporate Social Responsibility for Rural Development An Emprical analysis of firms and Beneficiaries in Andhrapradesh9.40002/119/2019-20/MJ/RPKLUBS
19Dr.A Udaya Shankerjan,2020ICSSR-MRPRural Women empowerment in Solar Power Section of East and West Godavari Districts of Andhra Pradesh7.00002/70/2019-20/MJ/RPKLUBS
20Dr.Landa RameshDec,2019ICSSR-MRPFinancial Inclusion Strategies and its implementation by Commercial Bankes:An Emprical Study of Rural Households in Andhra Pradesh7.00002/74/SC/2019-20/MJ/RPKLUBS
21Dr.B.J.K.SinghDec,2019AICTE-MODROBModernization and Removal of Obsolescence15.2009-282/RIFD/MOD/Policy-1/2018-19BT
22Dr.Monima SharmaNov,2019SERB-SRGDevelopment of long-lived multi-photon luminescent probes based on transition metal complex for biological applications21.890SRG/2019/001365Chemistry
23Dr.M.Bhanu ChandraFeb,2020SERB-CRGDevelopment of nanofoam based Plasmonic structures towards Photo-Electro-Chemical water spliting and Co2 reduction56.220CRG/2019/005985PHYSICS (KLH)
24Dr.Sampad Kumar Panda Dr.S Koteswara Rao (Co-PI)Sept,2020SERB-CRGEquatorial Plasma Bubble and zonal irregularity drift characterstics of Inospheric scintillations and mitigations of loss of lock through dynamic kalman filter carrier tracking for high performance GNSS navigation and positioning solutions.37.090CRG/2019/003394ECE
25Dr.K.Raghva RaoJUNE,2020MSME-IPFCBuilding Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights for MSME''s116.000TY-26016/1/2020-DCMSME/IPRCIIE
Total Amount936.71