Women Scientist Sponsored Projects

Women Scientist Sponsored Projects

List of Completed Projects

S.NoName of the PI/Co-PIDate of StartFunding AgencyTitle of the ProjectAmt Req.
(In Lakhs)
Reference NumberBranch
1Mrs.D. Madhavi LathaJul,2010DST-WOS-AOptical studies on nano-particles doped liquid crystals14.580SR/WOS-A/PS-05/2010ECE
2Ms.Swapna KoneruSep,2011DST-WOS-AAbsorption and emission characteristics of earth doped glasses for efficient lasers21.700SR/WOS-A/PS-35/2011(G)PHYSICS
3Dr. Gouthu UmaSep,2011DST-WOS-AGlobal studies on ionospheric density irregularities during quiet time using space-based remote sensing techniques19.300SR/WOS-A/PS-01/2011(G)ECE
4Ms.S.Srijaya LakshmiNov,2011DST-WOS-ASystematic Designing of compact slot antennas for wireless LAN applications24.550SR/WOS-A/ET-075/2011(G)ECE
5Mrs.I. GovardhaniNov,2011DST-WOS-AExperimental Studies on Ku and Ka-band Satellite Signal Propagation Impairments25.500SR/WOS-A/ET-081/2011(G)ECE
6Ms.K. Ch. Sri Kavya Dr. K. Sarat Kumar (Mentor)Nov,2011DST-WOS-ACommunication Platforms using the Low Cost Transceivers setup’s for Quick Establishment and Operation during Disaster Situations25.450SR/WOS-A/ET-033/2011(G)ECE
7Mrs.K. ChandrikaNov,2011DST-WOS-AAn integrated process development of continuous sequestration of CO2 and the production of value added products26.000SR/WOS-A/ET-76/2011(G)BT
8Ms.Deevi Radha RaniNov,2011DST-WOS-ASecuring the Embedded Systems from side channels21.600SR/WOS-A/ET-78/2011(G)CSE
9Mrs.Sk.MahamudaFeb,2012DST-WOS-ASpectral Studies of Neodymium doped glass and glass ceramics for efficient laser action14.980SR/WOS-A/PS-53/2011( G)PHYSICS
10Mrs.G.Swapna Dr. B. Jayakumar Singh (Mentor)Mar,2012DST-WOS-AScreening the mitigation of carcinogenic PAHs and CO emissions of flue gases by microbial consortia22.400SR/WOS-A/LS-370/20119(G)BT
11Mrs.N.Krishna Jyothi Dr.K.Vijay KumarNov,2012DST-WOS-ADevelopment and Characterization of Nano-structured conducting polymer electrolyte system for electrochemical cell applications23.800SR/WOS-A/PS-52/2011(G)PHYSICS
12Ms.Shechinah Felice Choragudi Dr.B.Jayakumar SinghNov,2012DST-WOS-ACharacterization of Pollen specific Polygalacturonase of Sorghum bicolor19.400SR/WOS-A/LS-397/2011(G)BT
13Mrs.R.Revati Dr.K.S.RameshNov,2012DST-WOS-AStudy of Dynamical Coupling between Ionospheric and Earth''''s Atmosphere subject to Meteorological and Seismic Disturbances over Coastal area (Guntur) by installing GPS receiver26.500SR/WOS-A/AS-07/2011ECE
14Ms.Ch.Chitralekha Dr.B.MahendranJun,2015DST-WOS-AScreening and Characterization of SNP associated Sex linked Biomarkers 23.100 SR/WOS-A/LS-1174/2014 (G)BT
15Ms.K.Lavanya Dr.B.MahendranJun,2015DST-WOS-AIsolation and Characterization of Human COX-2 Inhibitors from Cyperus scariosus R.Br rhizones23.650 SR/WOS-A/LS-1160/2014 (G)BT
16Ms.N. Lavanya Dr.M.Venu Gopala Rao (Mentor)Sep,2015DST-WOS-AA topology for multiple generation system with doubly fed induction machines and indirect matrix converter23.480SR/WOS-A/ET-1035/2014(G)EEE
17Ms. Anusha Marouthu Dr. V. Srikanth(Mentor)Sep,2016DST-WOS-AAn Effective Co-operative MAC Protocol in Multi-Channel Multi-Radio Environment of Cognitive Wireless Mesh Networks20.500SR/WOS-A/ET-1071/2015(G)CSE
18Ms. Kausar Jahan Dr. S. Koteswara Rao (Mentor)Sep,2018DST WOS-ABearings - only target tracking using hull mounted and towed array measurements6.680SR/WOS-A/ET-139/2017 (G)ECE
Total Amount383.17

List of Ongoing Projects

S.NoName of the PI/Co-PIDate of StartFunding AgencyTitle of the ProjectAmt Req.
(In Lakhs)
Reference NumberBranch
1Ms Preeti Mallela Dr K. Srinivasa Rao (Mentor)Dec, 2017DST WOS-ADevelopment of MEMS based wearable sensors for early stage identification of Parkinson''s disease26.600SR/WOS-A/ET-111/2016 (G)ECE
Total Amount26.6