KL Students presented research papers at International Conferences.


T. Praveen Kumar (Y6EE265), I. Satish Chandra Kumar (Y6EE 221), M. Amal Radhika (Y6EE 205), M.Chandra Sekhar (Y6EE 223) are members of the Centre for Research and Development. Very recently they have presented two Research papers at International Conferences, viz.

  • 3rd International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering (ICAME-2010) at NIT, Surat.
  • An International conference on Power, Signals and Computation (EPSCICON-2010) organized by IEEE, Kerala section.

Two of them have already presented their research papers at National Conferences, viz.

  • National Conference on Soft Computing Techniques in Power systems operations and Control (SOFTCOMP? 09) at VIT University
  • National Conference on Modeling and Simulation (NCMS? 09) at Defense Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune.

These Students spoke about their experiences at these conferences after returning back to KL. Their expression in their words are presented here:

Speaking about our first ever international conference, the enthusiasm, excitement and rush we experienced as we entered the campus of NIT-Surat, the venue of The International Conference in Advanced Mechanical Engineering (ICAME ?10) is something that cannot be explained in mere words.  As we approached the registration desk at the Inauguration hall, the curious stares we received from the delegates who had already arrived was totally incredible. The underlying reason for that is the fact that we, apart from being the only B-Tech students who have come to present a paper completely of our own, were the youngest of the delegates there. 

At ICAME?10, there were participants from various countries like U.S.A, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc. The keynotes were given by Prof. Felix T. Chan (Hong Kong University) and Prof. V.K. Jain (IIT Kanpur).

At EPSCICON?10, there were keynote speakers and participants from over 17 countries and our paper was the opening of the session.

The acknowledgement and attention we received at these conferences was overwhelming and to quote a few of them verbatim, these are some of the remarks we received from various delegates at ICAME?10:

Dr. Muammer Nalbant, a participant from Gazi University,Turkey- ?I?ve never seen kids at conference.. You kids are intelligent?.

Dr. F.T.S. Chan from the Hong Kong University: ?It is really refreshing to see young students showing so much of interest in research and conferences in India. It?s sad that my students never do that?.

( Dr.Chan?s native accent totally dominated his speech, and it was almost impossible for us to decipher his words, but he is a friendly person and spoke with us for a long time).

Prof. R. Meenakshi Reddy from Sri Venkateswara college of Engineering & Tech., Chittoor:  said he is surprised to see us at an International Conference and that too to present our own paper. He is currently working on an area related to our research and promised us that he?ll help us in any way required.  To quote his words: ?I am very surprised to see B-tech students come for conference. You did a good job, students?.

We also had the opportunity to meet, a lot of wonderful people like Dr. V.K.Jain, Professor of IIT Kanpur and Mr. Trivedi, Vice President of L&T, Hazira. The respect and awe with which we were treated is out of the world.

Dr. Ravipudi Venkata Rao sir, the HOD of Department of Mechanical and IP Engineering of NIT-Surat spoke to us with great affection and took special interest in ensuring that our stay there turns happy and memorable.

 Our presentation in Surat was scheduled on the second day of conference and well prepared as we were, it went on perfectly. The ensuing discussion was smooth and we were able to make our work reach the brain cells of every one of the audience. At the end of the day, we left the campus with huge grins which somehow refused to leave our faces.

The International Conference in Advanced Mechanical Engineering (ICAME ?10) left us with a feeling so blissful it numbs every teensy blip we had in the whole experience and now, it has us wanting for more.  It was the grandest kick start for our big journey in the path of research and we are thankful to everyone who made it so special for us. Live long, people!

We are very thankful to our University Management for allowing us to participate in these conferences which helped us learn a lot and grow even more.

Another International Conference is lined up for us which is going to be held in the last week of February at Kolhapur, Maharashtra, i.e. International Conference on Emerging trends in Engineering organized by Cafet-Innova Technical Society, India and we are all set for our next exploration...

All the above achievements could not have happened without the support and encouragement of our University. We are very proud of what we achieved and very proud to be studying in K L Deemed to be University, which is the place to be in for any technical graduate who wants to make a bright future.