A National Level Workshop has been conducted on HR and Marketing.

I Session: From 12:00 to 02:00 PM.

            Globalisation ? lunch of MNC brands in India this semester was taken up by Mr. Vijay Xavier, Vice President, Lome World wide, Chennai.

            He briefed the gathering on the thought process behind making an ?advertisements?.

The steps included:

  1. Understanding the client requirement
  2. Research & Survey to be conducted
  3. Finally making / shooting of the ?Ad?.

The students were told about the importance of ?Indians? in global advertisements.

Different know advertisements like that of ?saint gobain?, Bajaj Ford etc. was shown to the students& it had a very good response.

II Session:

?Building Rural Brands in India with Emphasis on rural sector.

This session was taken by Mr. R. Sheshadri where he emphasized & strongly put that the main thrust of revenue generation for sellers lies in ?Real India? which is in ?Rural areas?.

He enlightened the students on how rural advertisements are different from urban advertisements and the reason behind it.

The students had a full knowledge packed session with Mr. R. Sheshadri, where they thoroughly enjoyed matching the making of rural advertisements.

III Session      -           04:15 PM        -           05:15 PM

Sex in advertisements ? Zaboo session was taken up by Mr. Vijay Xavier.

Through different chippings of advertisements a comparison was made with abscenes from different films. Based on this the students were made to think that in ?Reality is any sex potrayed in advertisements?? Or is the same more in the films?

IV Session      -           05:15PM         -           06:00 PM

Making of Ad copy professional way.

Session was taken by Mr. Vijay Xavier a full procedure was explained step by step on how to make an advertisement.

Human Resource  Workshop

Resource person         :            Mr. Herald Mathew.

Company                    :           TCS, Hyderabad.

Department                 :           Learning and Development.

Topic                           :           Competency Mapping.

Colozeum began with 30 registrations for Human Resource workshop. Once the inauguration was completed, the participants moved into Rose Hall. Three sessions were planned.

Session 1

Mr. Mathew started with a question and answer session whereby he cleared the doubts of the participants. He then revised some concepts in Human Resources Management and slowly started with the subject of Competency Mapping.

He shared some of his experiences in TCS while interviewing candidates. He gave a brief on the role of the HR manager, the issues he is likely to face and some of the practical problems HR managers face in their organizations. He reiterated the critical role of the HR manager.

Session 2

The session started with detailing Competency Mapping. Mr. Mathew explained competency mapping, how it is done, and the cycle of appraising an employee.  The importance of Competency mapping was discussed and how it becomes the back bone for an organization for managing the employees.      

Session 3

An activity was conducted by the resource person. The activity proceeded in four stages.


Stage 1: Listing the competencies

Stage 2: Identifying the level of competency.

Stage 3: Mapping the competency to the individual  


Stage 4: Framing a question to pose to the candidate to identify the level of the competency possessed by him / her.

A mock interview was conducted, to understand the effectiveness of the questions framed by the teams. The session ended with the teams evaluating the candidature of the interviewee.

Mr. Mathew gave his suggestions for improvement.