Guest Lecture on "Data Mining"

Department of MCA has conducted a Guest Lecture on "Data Mining" by Prof NB Venkateswarlu,M.Tech (IIT-K), Ph.D (BITS, Pilani), PDF (U of Leeds, UK),AITAM, Tekkal .

Guest Lecture has been organized in two sessions(morning and afternoon).

In the morning Session the following concepts are discussed :

  • Top Ten Recent Innovations
  • Challenges in DM
    1. Developing a Unifying Theory of Data Mining
    2. Scaling Up for High Dimensional Data and High Speed Streams
    3. Sequential and Time Series Data
    4. Mining Complex Knowledge from Complex Data
    5. Data Mining in a Network Setting
    6. Distributed Data Mining and Mining Multi-agent Data
    7. Data Mining for Biological and Environmental Problems
    8. Data-mining-Process Related Problems
    9. Security, Privacy and Data Integrity
    10. Dealing with Non-static, Unbalanced and Cost-sensitive Data

In the Afternoon Session the following concepts are discussed :

  • Top 18 DM Algorithms
  • Top Ten Algorithms in DM
    1. C4.5 and Beyond
    2. The K-Means Algorithm
    3. Support Vector Machines
    4. The Apriori Algorithm
    5. The EM Algorithm
    6. Page rank
    7. AdaBoost
    8. KNN: K-Nearest Neighbor Classification
    9. Naive Bayes
    10. CART