Republic Day Celebrations

K.L.University has unfurled the tri-color flag with sheer blossoms on Republic Day. It was honoured by Sri.K.Raja Hareen, Trustee, K.L.U and Vice Chancellor G.L.Datta with the presence of Registrar and Deans of all departments.Depicting the symbol of peace, the pigeon flew high in the campus released by Vice Chancellor. The celebrations are a grand success under the aegis of CWW.


More than two hundred students and faculty have performed in these splendid celebrations.

Audience was rejuvenated with the performance by Swara Club. They filled the hearts of people with patriotic ecstasy with a full song of vandemataram composed by Bankim Chandra Chatopadhya.

Two mimes depicting the concepts Unity in Diversity and Evolution of War by Abhinaya Club.Two spectacular dances are performed by Narthana Club depicting the heritage of cultural epitome on India