KL Students at 99th Indian Science Congress Session, Bhubaneswar

Established in 1914, Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) is the premier organization that represents India's entire science community. ISCA was formed with an objective of advancing, promoting and furthering the cause of Science in India, thus stimulating scientific research in India. Over the years, ISCA has been headed by luminous scientists and also by the former P.M Jawaharlal Nehru.

With the focal theme of  "Science and Technology for inclusive innovation - Role of Women", the curtain goes up for the 99th Indian Science Congress meet at Bhubaneswar. As many as 15,000 delegates including 20 Nobel Laureates, eminent scientists of national and international repute, academics, research scholars and students from India and overseas participated in this mega annual event spread over five days. Staying with the tradition, the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, inaugurated Science Congress in the presence of central and state Ministers and officials.

Former President A.P.J.Abdul Kalam and Indian Ambassador to U.S Sri Nirupama Rao, Prof. M.S.Swmaninathan, Dr. Amartya Sen are few among many inspiring personalities present at the congress.

A delegation of six students of various streams has attended the congress this year. They have participated in various sectional sessions and are really pleased with the talks after interacting with the Noble Laureates who have presented their works.

Sticking to the theme the Congress, this year is more concentrated on the role of women in science and development. Girls who have attended the women science congress have felt much contended after the talks by eminent personalities like Nirupama Rao and Prof. Geetha Bali.

Noble lectures are a sea of knowledge, felt students. A number of panel discussions and sectional lectures have posed the science community of India, ultimately making the nation proud among many science associations around the world.

Students who attended the Conference:

  1. Asledha Vadlamudi
  2. Sindhu Chaluvadi
  3. Sowjanya Nemalikanti
  4. Sindhu Polavarapu
  5. Somanth Gadde
  6. Siddharth Marupeddi