SAMYAK''12 has reached its destination of emerald success

We are thoroughly happy to announce the biggest ever happened fest in the history of Andhra Pradesh with a foot fall of nearly 15000+ students from 300 colleges all over India which started on 5th October, 2012 with the inaugural session visited by eminent personalities such as Suchitra K Ella [Chair CII-AP], D. Amar [General Secretary, Indian journalists Union] and has won many laurels for its igniting start.

In total there were 140+ events organized touching all disciplines of Engineering, literary and spot. Furthermore 16 workshops were held that drew huge participation of 3,500 students and speakers from 5 different companies which included Robotics core school, Embedd Hut, Virscent Technologies, Robo Genises etc. There were around 4435 members involved in presenting papers from all the departments

The campus was beautified and was made a self-explanatory by the hand-made sign boards depicting the theme E3-Ethics, Ethos, Etiquettes by the creative arts committee which could reduce glitches and confusion among all the participants regarding events and their venues.

Nights on both the days were brightly lit with the sparkling cultural nights ?an entertainment serenade. 

On the whole the event ended up with the valedictory session presided over by Koneru Satyanarayana [President-KLEF] and prizes worth 1 million were presented to the winners by the guests A. Srinivas [G.M-H.P] & M. Naryana Rao [CMD-Midhani].