DST Funding the Mech.Engg. Dept for FIST 2012, Level I, Rs.60.00 Lakhs

The theme of the Funding is " ROBOTICS AND MECHATRONICS"

The FIST SCHEME is provided for Establishing State of the Art Center of Excellence in Robotics and Mechatronics at KL, Dept. of Mech. Engg.

DST Having seen the R&D Culture, Outcomes and Prospects of the Department of Mech. Engg. through a series of Reviews starting from Sept. 16th 2012, has finally sanctioned the Grant.

This scheme will help the department of Mech. Engg. in promoting its R&D Culture in the theme of the funding, further to make various Post Graduate and Research Programs in the areas of Robotics and Mechatronics in the span of next 5 years.

The department as per the directives of DST has Constituted the following "Project Implementation Group" to work collectively for successful implementation of the Scheme. This scheme is a 50:50 mode scheme, wherein 50% is sanctioned by DST and another 50% is supported by the University, Thus the total funding is for Rs.1.20 Crores and another 7 Lakhs Contingency service grant.

  1. Dr.Y.V.Hnaumantha Rao- Head of the Dept. - CHAIRMAN FIST 2012 Group
  3. Dr.K.V.Ramana, ADVISOR
  4. G.Yedukondalu- MEMBER
  5. S.Ramesh Kumar- MEMBER
  6. Y.Kalyan Chakravarthy- MEMBER
  7. P.Rathna Prasad Choudary- MEMBER
  8. M.Naveen - MEMBER
  9.  K.Kishore Kumar - MEMBER