Workshop on Entrepreneurial Skills in Women.

Development of entrepreneurship among women is a major step to increase women participation in the process of economic development. The emergence of women on the economic scene as entrepreneurs is a significant development in the emancipation of women and securing them a place in the society, which they have all along deserved. Over the last few decades, while women have come forward to establish their own enterprises, their numbers remain few and far between. The entrepreneurial world is still male dominated.  In this direction to foster entrepreneurship among women, a workshop on 'Entrepreneurial Skills in Women' was conducted by KL Women's Forum in collaboration with FLO, Hyd. on 26th March, 2013 from 10.30 A.M. to 1.30 P.M with participation of 300 girl students.

Dr.V.Rama Devi, President, KL Women's Forum presented a welcome note. Dr.A.Ananda Kumar, Principal, KL College of Engineering highlighted the need to empower the women and Prof.R.Sreehari Rao, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, KL University motivated the girl students to become entrepreneurs. Ms.Rekha Reddy, chair person FLO, gave a snap shot of FLO and its activities. Mrs. Padma Rajgopal, Program Mentor discussed multi-tasking undertaken by women. Ms.Ajita Reddy, CSR Head, FLO, Hyd., gave an exhaustive presentation on entrepreneurial skills encompassing the prerequisites for starting a venture - an idea, finance and a team, the benefits of entrepreneurship, etc. There was an active interaction session in which many students raised queries and got clarifications from the resource persons. Towards the verge of the workshop, Mrs.S.V.N.L.Lalitha, Convenor, KL Women's Forum, gave a presentation on KL Women's forum and its activities.