Interview of Mr. Sai Satish, Alumnus of KL by Outlook Magazine.

Mr. Sai Satish is an MCA student of K L Deemed to be University passed out in 2009. He acted as Microsoft student partner during his tenure in the University. He started his own company immediately after completing his MCA at KL. Outlook Magazine interviewed him as he is a young entrepreneur. He is one of the proud products of KL which encourages entrepreneurship among students through its Center for Entrepreneurship Development.

In his interview Sai Satish said:

"I learnt to look beyond textbook education. Our system usually encourages rote learning; it tests one's memory and not wit. Textbooks are looked upon as marks providers. It is essential to understand, not memorize. My college gave me ample scope to develop as a person and enough freedom to explore my areas of interest academically. However, values, practical knowledge and exposure are qualities I feel are taught by life, and not colleges".