KL is entering into MoU with GERMI (Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute).

K L Deemed to be University and GERMI (Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute) are entering into MoU. The MoU exchange formality between the two organizations will be on 9th Apr, 2014. The following are the areas of collaboration:

  1. KL may offer degree programs on Energy Engineering /Science Courses with special focus on Emerging Technologies on Renewable Energy and GERMI may support in developing courses for renewable energy related subjects and providing visiting faculties for the same.
  2. GERMI may extend its laboratory facilities and support its scientists to train B.Tech./ M.Tech./ Ph.D. students of KL to work on live projects on Renewable Energy Technologies as a part of their Project work which will help them to improve their technical skills on new alternative Energy Technologies. In return KL may arrange to pay the required charges as applicable.
  3. Both the parties may carry out together Advanced Energy Research at Faculty/ Research Scientist/ Student level for development of highly efficient Alternate Energy Technologies.
  4. Both the parties may organize short term tailor made training programs on specific Emerging Energy Technologies.
  5. Both the parties may submit collaborative projects on development of Innovative Technologies for Renewable Energy to Ministry of New Energy Resources (MNRE) and to any other appropriate Funding Agencies.
  6. GERMI may support KL in taking-up locally relevant Technology Development/ Consultancy Services (for example for establishing Solar Power/ Wind Power Plants) for mutual benefit and sharing consultancy charges appropriately based on each institutes efforts.
  7. Both the parties may together organize practical oriented Certified Courses/ Training Programs on various new technologies to provide skilled manpower for operation & maintenance of solar & wind power plants.
  8. Both the parties may work together to develop/improve technologies like i) Solar drier for food processing, ii) Solar incubator for rural hospitals, iii) Solar Water pump for farmers etc. which will have great impact on rural development. On any successful technology KL will have nonexclusive rights to implement them in the surrounding areas of KL to the benefit of rural poor community free of cost.