KL Students Participation at UIF from 16th November to 20th November 2017.

Students from the KL(Deemed to be University), were recognized for their outstanding participation in the University Innovation Fellows Program, an educational space assigned to the University of Stanford that brings together students from more than 62 institutions of higher education to the Silicon Valley in the state of California.

Surya Sai Mourya Kosaraju, Srikar Kashyap Pulipaka, Chaitanya Krishna Kasaraneni, Venkata Naga Sandeep Vemulapalli, under mentorship of Assoc. Professor, Hari Kiran Vege represented KL as scholars of the Program, under which they worked on innovative solutions that can enhance their campus experience.

"The meetup was an opportunity where we could widen our perspective and understand the potential within others and ourselves to develop innovative ideas and learn to take risks. The fact that we could compete with students from all over the world and collaborate with them was an important aspect of the meetup because the skills gained through those activities will now be a part of us. It exponentially aided us in our activities as change agents and will continue to do so." said Surya for his participation in the meetup. Meanwhile, for Srikar his participation in the meetup "was a surreal experience and the activities we participated in during the meetup have considerably changed the way we think."

After about six weeks of intensive training and their participation in conferences with academic and industrial mentors in Google, Stanford and world-renowned leaders from multiple sectors, the young students returned to the Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation where they were recognized as change agents for their innovative work and, in turn, were appointed to serve as mentoring leaders to new students.