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AWS Educate Program

The AWS Educate program ("AWS Educate") is Amazon’s global initiative to provide students and educators with the resources needed to greatly accelerate cloud-related learning and to help power the workforce of tomorrow. The program offers a robust set of no-cost tools, resources, and AWS Promotional Credits for students and educators to skill up on the cloud.

Student receive several benefits upon approval into AWS Educate: - AWS Promotional Credits to explore AWS tools and service
- Specialized content & hands-on activities designed to get students comfortable with the basic of cloud computing
- Access to 12 Cloud Career Pathways covering in-demand topics such as machine learning, cybersecurity, and software development, each with 30+ hours of content
- Ability to earn AWS badges for different competencies such as IoT, gaming, and Alexa skills
- The AWS Educate job board with job and internship opportunities from Amazon and other companies in the AWS Partner network
Student interaction with AWS Educate will initially focus on learning pathways to enable students to understand basics of cloud computing. During the consecutive years in the undergraduate programme the learning pathways will be accelerated to gain domain specific skills like web development, data scientist and machine learning scientist. To learn more about the AWS Educate program, visit The students & educators of the Institute will receive the relevant benefits of the program as per the guideline.

KL University Vision

KL University adopts AWS Educate to accelerate cloud related learning and provide new age technology skills to its students . Dr L.S.S Reddy , Vice Chancellor of the University, has stated that this aligns with their vision to help students gain in-demand cloud computing skills , including hands-on experience with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ), to help nurture new talent for a cloud-ready workforce.

AWS Educate Program Integration into Univesity Curriculum:

Branch / Year Relevant Program Duration
1st Year Engineering Cloud Literacy Program 8 Hours
2nd Year Engineering Cloud 101 Program 15-20 Hours
3rd Year Engineering Solution Architect Program or Application Developer Program 35-40 Hours
4th Year Engineering Capstone Projects related to the domains of Artificial Intelliegnce & Machine Learning , Data Analytics, Cybersecurity and Web Development. 144 Hours

1st Year Engineering Student

Cloud Literacy Program

About the program

This course explores the basics of cloud computing. The students will learn about the fundamental concepts of cloud computing. Students will expand their knowledge of cloud computing through narrative-based scenarios and short interactive tasks curated under the Cloud Literacy Program.

Students will learn

  • Computer Basics
  • Cloud Computing Basics
  • Delivery and Deployment models
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Analysis
  • Varibles and Programming
  • Impacts of Computing

Evaluation Criteria

This is a self learning course. Upon completion of the module the students will earn the Inventor badge from AWS Educate. By submitting the badge, the student may claim active learning marks in the subject “Introduction to Computer Science”. The student also needs to take the quiz configured in the University’s moodle platform to statisfy the course needs.

2nd Year Engineering Student

Cloud Computing Fundamentals

About the Program

With the knowledge they have gained during their first year’s studies, the students will be prepared to take the next level course on Cloud Computing 101. In this course the students will learn AWS specific cloud services.

  • AWS Overview
  • AWS Compute Services
  • AWS Database Services
  • AWS Developer Tools
  • AWS Management Tools
  • AWS Networking and Content Delivery Services
  • AWS Storage Services

Evaluation Criteria

This is a self learning course. Upon completion of the module the students will earn the Cloud Computing 101 badge from AWS. By submitting the badge, the student may claim active learning marks in the subject of Object Orientated Programming - Java. The students needs to implement their Java mini projects in AWS platfroms using applicable services to claim project marks.

3rd Year Engineering Student

Skilling - Services and Integrations on AWS Cloud

About the program

The students are segregated into research groups. Cloud Computing research group students will take a specialized skilling course on Amazon Web Services. In this course students will undergo instructor led training on specialized curriculum. This will help the students achieve good career oppurtunities.

Students will learn

  • Application development using Compute, ECS and Lambda Services.
  • Implementation of Persistance storage using EBS, EFS and S3.
  • Database interaction using RDS, DynamoDB and Aurora.
  • Networking of Virtual Machines using VPC.
  • Managing the platforms using cloudwatch.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria for this course is mentioned below.

Sl.No Component Weightage
1. Mid Exam 1 10%
2. Mid Exam 2 10%
3. Internal Project Presentation 10%
4. Continuous Evaluation 15%
5. Attendance 5%
6. Sem end project presentation 50%
  Total 100%

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Assistant Professor
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