International Journal of Human Values and Professional Ethics


Abound material progress will not bear fruits of peace and happiness without good values. Although, education level of the people has enhanced, but at the same time  selfishness, misbehavior, mistrust etc. are making our lives full of tensions. Irresponsible behavior towards nature is endangering sustainability of life on the earth. Skill without values is like a directionless weapon. Many of us are sincerely wanted to  improve this situation. To share the knowledge on this burning issue, we are  publishing a bi-annual International Journal of Human Values and Professional Ethics. I feel honor to invite you to contribute  articles and papers for the journal.  You are also requested to give this information a wide circulation and motivate others to contribute. 

First issue of the journal will be published in July 2014. Last date for submission of papers is 20/04/2014. The journal will be circulated all over world. The Journal will be available in e-access and hard copy mode. Initially, we are planning to print 10,000 copies.  For further details and  call for papers, kindly visit