Ph.D. Synopsis Open Talk” of M. Naresh Kumar, Registered No. 11301012,Research Scholar, Department of Biotechnology

Based on the recommendations of DC and RPAC Chairman of Department of Biotechnology, Ph.D Synopsis Open Talk of the Scholar M. Naresh Kumar, Registered No. 13306019, Department of Biotechnology will be conducted, as per the following details.


Name of the Candidate


M. Naresh Kumar

Regd. No



Supervisor Name (Internal)


Dr. B. Jaya Kumar Singh, Professor, K L E F

Supervisor Name (External)






Thesis Title


?Molecular Characterization of Human and Yeast Alpha Beta Hydrolase Domain Family Enzymes? (hABHD2, YMR210W and YPR147C)

Date and Time of Synopsis Open Talk


11-01-2018 from 11.00 am onwards



Rose Hall, K L E F


This is for information to all concerned.