Viva-Voce Examination of CH.Phani Raja Sekhar, Regd.No.12323005,Research Scholar,Dept.of CHE,on 28-12-2018 in F-103, FED Block, KLEF from 02.15 p.m onwards

The Vice-Chancellor has ordered to conduct the viva-voce Examination of  PHANI RAJA SEKHAR CH, Registered Number 12323005, Research Scholar, Department of CHEMISTRY for the Ph.D. thesis entitled ?NEW HPLC METHODS DEVELOPMENT AND VALIDATION FOR QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS OF ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICAL INGREDIENTS, IMPURITIES IN BULK DRUG, FORMULATIONS AND PLASMA? on 28th December 2018 in Room No: F103, FED - Block, K L E F from 02.15 p.m. onwards.