Inaugural of KLSO.

11th March 2010

Mission of KLSO

?To foster an environment which enhances the arts and skills of the student community to circulate the audicious youth who stand as strong pillars for the building of the dynamic nation.?

Today is a very special day for the students of KL (Koneru Lakshmiah University) as they launched  their much endeavored student activity center KLSO (Koneru Lakshmaiah University Student Ordinate) in KL at 11:00 AM at the peacock hall.

A student can attain high standards only when their thinking goes beyond the horizon. Their development should not be confined to academics alone. With this in mind, the students of KL, with the encouragement from  the Management  have started  ?KLSO?, a student activity Ordinarte formed by the students and for the students for their overall development.

The inauguration of this much awaited hub took place under media coverage of various channels & print media. The Hon?ble Chancellor of KL, Sri. Koneru Sathyanarayana  inaugurated the various clubs under ?KLSO? like ?YANTRANA? (Technical), ?LALITHAM? (Cultural), ?HOBBY? (Hobby), ?SAMSKRUTHI? (Indian heritage and cultural aspects), ?VACHAS? (Speaking), ?LEKHANA? (literary).

The students have also shown a great eagerness in this clubs and are still enrolling for various clubs.More than 2000 students registered for the clubs in a week time. This has given the organizers a greater motivation to bring out other clubs in the near future.

The inauguration is followed by the launch of the KLSO website by Dr.K.Rajsekhara Rao,Dean student welfare.  Then  KLSO souvenir is released  by the Chancellor Sri Koneru Satyanarayana.Dr.K.Manikeyswara rao, KLSO incharge is praised by the guests for his efforts in making the KLSO  a reality.

The other events, like the release of the KLSO promotional video and the inauguration of the various SAC (Student Activity Centers)   by various Deans followed. The cultural events concluded the function.

G.Pranoy a first year student from ECM dept. is applauded by the chancellor for his designs and graphics in the invitations and the souvenir.

Jagadish(Y7IT228) a third year student from IST dept. has design an excellent promotional video for KLSO. He was applauded by one and all for his work.