''Develothon 2010'' - A Roadshow for Developer Community Organized by IBM Technologies on 8th April 2011

KLniversity has organized ?Develothon 2010? ? a programme by IBM technologies aimed at helping the software developer community in India develop skills in newer technology areas and integrates with its developerWorks forum, known for extensive skill coverage and software evangelization on 8th April 2010 at peacock hall of KLniversity campus.

The objective of the road show is to realize growth, innovation and to retain the best people and to achieve that learning and developing skills is an essential engine of productivity and competitive advantage. The Programme included technical briefing sessions covering topics like cloud computing, information agenda, business performance management (BPM), business intelligence (BI), social networking collaboration and service oriented architecture (SOA).

The programme was inaugurated by Sri K Raja Sekhar Incharge IBM Center of Excellence who talked about the Developer works and appealed the students for their alertness needed to improve them selves towards never finished novel technology

Sri Himanshu Goyal, Country manager IBM Academic Initiative, IBM was the main speaker of the programme and delivered wonderful lecture on theme of the programme. Sri Dhirender Nirwani Digital Specialist Developer Works talked about various concepts related to Cloud computing, business intelligence and encouraged the students for their energetic responses with prizes.

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