SPIRIT Social service campaign is successful

Students from department of biotechnology under the banner SPIRIT (Student promoted Innovative Research In Technology Welfare Association) have organised an AWARENESS CAMPAIGN ON DIARRHEA IN RELATION WITH FOOD HABITS in the neighbouring village vaddeswaram.

The campaign got well in the afternoon session of 24th April 2010 at ZPH School of Vaddeswaram. A set of 30 SPIRITIANS lead by the PRESIDENT SPIRIT Mr. Gadde Somanth Babu organised the activity to these peaks. Sarpanch of the village, Grama panchayat members, Head master of the school attended the campaign and shared their views on the respective topic. SPIRIT Speakers gave a clear explanation on the causes, prevention, effects, symptoms of Diarrhoea and gave the reference of ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) for a better health in summer season. SPIRITIANS also distributed a FREE HOMEO-MEDICINE as a preventive measure for Diarrhea, Chicken guinea & Sun stroke.

The faculty and the HOD of the department, Dr. S. Vijaya Saradhi appreciated the work and enthusiasm of the students and wished them all the success for further activities. SPIRIT is proposed to organise such activities not less than one a week.