International Conference on Multi Body Dynamics

1st International Conference on Multi Body Dynamics was held from 24th to 26 th Feb' 2011. The  conference was organized under the aegis of IFToMM (International Federation for Promotion of  Theory of Machines & Mechanisms), Association of Machines and Mechanisms (AMM - India);  The vibrations Institute of India. The presidents of these three bodies Prof. Marco Ceccarelli, Prof. C.Amarnath & Prof. J.S.Rao respectively were present for Key note lectures during the Conference. The proceedings were brough out in collaboration with TVI and with an assurance to publish selected few papers of the conference in the Journal of TVI - Advances in Vibrations Engineering. TVI has also given its ISSN numbering to the Conference Proceedings.

The inaugural session of the Conference was held at Peacock hall of our University, with Dr. Avinash Chander, Distinguished Scientist DRDO as Chief guest, who later on assured a joint  R&D project under collaboration of KL and TVI. The conference witnessed a series of 12 Key  note lectures, with 5 International & 7 National Speakers, 45 Papers and 3 Software  demonstrations. The entire conference was decided into 4 sessions: Vibrations, Mechanisms,  Robotics and Multibody Systems which were chaired by a delegate each from IIT's, IISC or NIT and a Co-Chair from KL.

The Conference dinner was hosted on 24th Feb 2011 from 8.00 PM at Vijayawada Club where  excellent cultural programs depictiy pure Indian Classical and folk culture were presented for 1 1/2 hour duration followed by dinner