News and Events of KL Student Ordinate (KLSO)

Events organised, works done and achievements of KL Student Ordinate (KLSO) from the starting day of this semester i.e., 5th of August to till date.

Following is the detailed report with the various specific club names present in the ordinate:

YANTARANA (The Technical club):


Tarang is an inter college student ordinate organised 10 engineering colleges in and around Vijayawada had its inaugural function on August 7th conducted at Vijnana Vihara School situated in Yenikepadu in which K L Deemed to be University Student Ordinate [KLSO] has took a major and active role in its organising and participation.

A good number of 3200 participants from 90 engineering colleges have thronged the venue on that festive day celebrated with pomp and joy.

Yantrana club of KLSO has organised several workshops as below on the Tarang day-

  • Microsoft workshop by Microsoft student partner-D.R.S.Sai Krishna who is also the coordinator of Yantrana club.
  • Opera workshop by Opera campus ambassador-D.Siva Karthik also another coordinator of Yantrana club.
  • Mozilla workshop by Mozilla campus ambassador-Sachin Kalae who is an organiser of Yantrana club.

Our students from KLSO have also bagged several merit prizes in the events conducted and as for the Yantrana club , opera quiz was won by the Opera campus crew who are also the key organisers of yantrana club-Vijay kumar and Anudeep Paruchuri.

VACHAS (The Literary Club):

One of  the active clubs of KLSO is the Vachas club wherein it has taken the anchoring and stage management part of Tarang-2011 and also organised all the literary events in that fest.

Constitution Release:

For the first time in the history of Andhra Pradesh KLSO has drafted its own constitution ?NIBANDHAN for the perfect abiding of discipline and for complete abatement of chaos in organising this ordinate on a professional scale.

The constitution release is conducted on august 19th at peacock hall in our campus which is honoured with the presence of our beloved Vice chancellor who released the constitution and also our pro-tem chancellor J.S.Rao has attended the function and released the SAGA of KLSO which is the biography of this ordinate from its birth and is meticulously drafted by the coordinators of Vachas club.

SAGA, for the first time in history of India a student ordinate is drafting its own journey in the form of a monumental document being documented as a token of gratitude to the pioneer ordinator batch. It is a benevolent step taken by the ordinators of KLSO in order to imbibe the feel of activity and to provoke the strength of innovation into the KLans. Every organiser and coordinatorof Vachas club is delved into drafting these two masterpieces.

This day is also marked with a formal valedictory session for the pioneer ordinator batch of KLSO from the present office bearers who are selected by the exclusive selection council of KLSO.   

Below given is the list of new office bearers of KLSO:

PRAKRITHI (Environmental) & AAROHANA (Trekking) CLUB:

Prakrithi club with the efficient collaboration from Aarohana club is organising a University level 2 day trek tour to PENCHALAKONA and TADA on 10th & 11th of September 2011 which has attracted  a good number of 150 students from every discipline of the university.

SAMSKRITHI (Indian Heritage) CLUB:

  Samskrithi club has conducted the eve of Janmashtami on August 20th with the association of International Society For Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) wherein  they have conducted a large scale essay writing competition on the topic ?Krishna-The Perfect Personality?.

This event is also elevated by the divine message from the Belgium representative of International Society For Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)-His grace- Sri Amit Krishna Prabhu.

AASTHA (The Service Club):

Aastha was started in December 2010 with a great vision to grow as a social service organization to help the financially challenged. It has been implementing path breaking ideas with many constraints.

16th of December, 2010

Aastha created waves by distributing 860 books, 172 pens worth Rs.13,860 to many students in Vaddeswaram ZPHS. Aastha believes that students should not be deprived of their right to study, just because they do not possess enough financial resources. This initiative of Aastha was widely appreciated and rightly acknowledged.

26th of January, 2011

An essay writing competition was conducted in the university campus to ignite the young minds. Aastha believes positive influence at a young age is of immense use, Aastha made sure the minds turn patriotic on the eve of republic day. As many as 1700 students wrote the examination.

23rd of February, 2011

Creative sensibilities need to honed from a very young age. Aastha believes practical exposure to theoretical knowledge helps a student gain necessary insights and makes him ready for the tough path ahead. Identifying this need, Aastha provided necessary laboratory equipment worth Rs.8000. As the Board Examinations of the higher standard students were nearing, we believed it apt to distribute Pads and Pens to Vaddeswaram ZPHS.

We also paid a sum of Rs.2240 towards the SSC examination fee for 20 deserving students.

An engineering student from Tenali Engineering College, N.Brahma Teja whose upper limbs need to be amputated because of a train accident, was donated a sum of Rs.9000, and necessary counselling was provided to get him out of the trauma.

16th of July, 2011:

Aastha created waves by distributing 550 books, 72 pens,46 slates worth Rs.4,860 to many students in Mallempudi Govt School. Aastha believes that students should not be deprived of their right to study, just because they do not possess enough financial resources. This initiative of Aastha was widely appreciated and rightly acknowledged.

10th september:

In sri krishna chitanya vihar(orphanage home) AASTHA conducted study hour?s. A.ADITYA(E.C.E III/IV B.Tech) taken some counselling classes to the students over their regarding patriotism, career guidance etc?

Aastha aspires to grow into a world class social service organization, and be a right bridge between the corporate organisations and the needy lot. Aastha wants to mould itself and work on many areas to grow into a stage where it can help a village earn revenue, and if necessary adopt a village. We hope the faculty, staff and management help us in growing by providing us with necessary support


Aastha club organised the WALK WITH JP sponsored by Youth For Better India (YBI) in regard for anti-corruption and in support of Jan Lokpal Bill.


This club consists of several wings like Vayana (Knitting), stamp and coin collection Photography.

In each students are being trained to hone their respective skills at their leisure hours by the full length trainees

  • Vijaya madam for vayana
  • Sudhakar sir for Painting

LALITHAM CLUB (Cultural Club):

Cultural club has its peculiar and outstanding part in every event conducted by KLSO and depicts the Indian culture to the best extent possible as it is the whole and sole motto of KLSO.


Observing the 121st birth anniversary of BALLARI RAGHAVAM on August 2nd ,The Abhinaya Club (dramatics club) of KLSO with the guidance of dramatics trainee-Mr. Krishna Murthy  has conducted the event Raghavam-2011.

We strive for success and endeavour forever in bringing pride to our and only our KL.

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