The techno-management festival of K L Deemed to be University SAMYAK '11 inaugurated by Sri GSRKR Vijay Kumar, IAS, Vice chairman VGTMUDA on 13th of October 2011 in the presence of G L Datta, Vice- Chancellor, K L Deemed to be University, Sri Koneru Raja Hareen, Vice president, K L E Foundation, Prof. A Srihari Prasad, Convener, SAMYAK 2011  has recorded 15,284 students' presence in the campus and 6547 registrations for technical events alone making it the second largest Technical festival of Andhra Pradesh according to Keshav Ram and Kharahari, chief student coordinators of the festival. Organising more than 110 technical events have got striking response from the 540 engineering and management students all over India. The student fest has adopted and implemented its theme "GO GREEN" in grand scale by making models of Eifel tower (36ft), pyramids, large globes etc. from discarded construction materials available in the university which amazed the participants and made a trend setting, even the stationary like bags that were handed over to the registrants were made of cloth contrary to polymer bags issued in many other fests. Several 25ft concept paintings made with eco-friendly material have become eye candy to the youngsters who visited the campus. About 9 different workshops on topics like Embedded systems, Robotics, Sixth sense Botz, RC Cars, Joomla, Linux, Android have attracted large participation from students of different colleges as said by Dr. A Srinath co-convener, SAMYAK 2011. 2000+ Papers were presented in the two day event along with poster presentations, model exhibitions in the fields of computer science, electronics, communications, electrical,  civil mechanical, management, bio sciences etc. and other exciting spot events like robo wars, program hunt, fort knox  and many other spot events. Students of mechanical engineering have displayed their prototype of a race car which is getting ready to showcase itself in the most prestigious SAE Baja which is appreciated by the university management for making KL proud of its concept oriented learning methodology. Mr. M Bharath Kumar has been awarded the license to use HAM radio by Sri K Raja Hareen making him the first in KL and one among the few in the country. The students after their stress filled technical hours were chilled with electrifying performances in the cool cultural nights.

The growth rate of student response for samyak has been enormous from the past two years  i.e. registrations raising from 1500  later 3300 now 6500 odd with is a very promising number as said by Dr. Viayenna Rao I/C Vice chancellor of ANU and Krishna University Rajendra pasad.V president Vijayawada AUTO cluster.