Myths & Facts of College Life by Saheli

Saheli, KL Girls' Student forum has conducted an Interactive session by Senior Girl Students for the benefit of First year B.Tech girls on the topic "Myths & Facts of College Life" followed by some cultural programs on 10th February 2012 in New Seminar Hall from  2.30 pm to 4.30pm. Following final year students addressed the first year girls and shared the experiences of their college life and gave many useful hints to their juniors regarding different facets of college life. Seniors advised the juniors on effective usage of time without missing the thrill of the golden age of their life. They re-iterated the importance of communication and soft skills development and advised all juniors not to miss the CSS classes by narrating their experiences. They have also emphasized on setting a goal and the ways of achieving the goal in an organized manner which makes "college life ? a sweet memory". They have also touched on the following points.

  • Good dressing sense and it's importance
  • Managing the teenage traps & myths
  • Living upto the expectations of their parents
  • Enjoying the campus life

Names of the students who are interested in becoming "Student Representative" for "Saheli" have been collected. Mrs. Lalitha, Convener of KL Women's Forum explained the first years about the benefits they can reap from "SAHELI". Students are asked to contribute motivating stories/quotations/works/articles/paintings/poems etc. which would be useful to the girl student community. They were also briefed about the International Women's Day Celebrations. Mrs.Siva Kumari, faculty of FED also addressed the girls on proper time management.