Dr. K. Rajasekhara Rao, Mr. A.V. Praveen Krishna and Mr. Ali Hussain received awards from ASDF, Government of Puducherry

The Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculty (ASDF) Government of Puducherry, has instituted several awards globally for the Academic Faculty and Industry Developers and Engineers etc., across the country.  Out of the 4700+ applications that were received for 15 disciplines in Academic, Industrial and Research categories, K L Deemed to be University is proud on having Three Winners during 2012.  Dr. Rajasekhara Rao Kurra, Professor of CSE is awarded the "Best Dean", Mr. A.V.Praveen Krishna, Asst. Professor of CSE is awarded the "Best Computer Science Faculty" and Mr. Ali Hussain, Assoc. Professor of ECM is awarded "Best Academic Researcher". 

These awards have been presented at Accord Hotel, Puducherry on 30th December 2012, organized by ASDF's Head Office in the presence of the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Puducherry Shri. N. Rangasamy, the Hon'ble Minister of Education, Puducherry Shri. T. Thiyagarajan. Vice-President of Deloitte, Shri. Sandeep K. Sharma was also present among several distinguished Academicians, Researchers and Industry stalwarts.