Dr. A Srinath, Dr.B.J.K.Singh, Dr.B.Mahendran are Awarded with UGC Research Grant.

Dr.A.Srinath Professor in Mech.Engg. and Assoc.dean Consultancy, Dr.B.J.K.Singh, Assoc.Professor Bio Tech and Assoc.Dean Spon.Research, Dr.B.Mahendran, Assoc.Prof, Bio Tech are Awarded with the UGC Research Award by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi, for the years 2012-14.

This Research award carries a Research Grant of 5.00 Lakhs along with the Monthly pay of the Awardees being Reimbursed by the UGC to the University. The awardees will carry out individual Research in their proposed araes for a tenure of 3 years hereafter.

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