A Lecture on Brain Stroke on the eve of World Stroke day

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We have held a lecture on Brain Stroke on the eve of World Stroke day on the 29th of October by Health Club KLSO. Major General Dr. Kumaravelu M.D., D.M., and F.I.C.P, a senior Neurologist from Dr. RAMESH HOSPITALS gave a brief and detailed lecture on brain stroke in the Peacock Hall for which many of our students and staff attended the lecture. Dr. Kumaravelu educated us on the symptoms, risks, side affects, and prevention techniques of Brain Stroke which inspired many students and staff from our college. They were enlightened by this knowledge and left with contemporary knowledge that was out of the reach of their fields. WWC also felicitated Dr. Kumaravelu with a shawl and a momento. The lecture was a success and left everyone contemplating on the new knowledge they have gained.