Three days workshop on self-management skills

Three days workshop on self-management skills

A 3-day workshop on self-management skills was organised from 19.03.2018 to 21.03.2018 by Academic Staff College in Rose Hall for nominated wardens of KL-Deemed to be University Hostels by Dr.G.Sumati, Asst. Professor, Dept. Counselling, Dr.Ramani, Associate Professor, Dept.CSS and Ms.M.Usha Rani, Asst. Professor, ASC.

The participants were oriented on self-management skills that consisted of various topics like Human values, Communication skills and Emotional intelligence.

Dr.G.Sumati, Asst. Professor, Dept. Counselling has familiarised the members with the basics of Human Values and importance of understanding of Human Values in day today living. She also highlighted the importance of understanding the various situations in its proper context to analyse and to make proper decision making.

Dr.Ramani, Associate Professor, Dept.CSS has discoursed the participants with the importance of communication skills and as well how proper communication skills can resolve the daily conflicts. She also oriented the members towards understanding of context based communication in the form of role plays, so that the participants can understand and realise the importance of communication skills. She also oriented them to understand on how to communicate in English.

Ms.M.Usha Rani, Asst. Professor, ASC explained the participants about the importance of emotional intelligence and the difference between intelligence and emotional intelligence. Later she also the four basic components in attaining the emotional intelligence namely self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management. She oriented the members how much emotional intelligence can help the members to be successful in ones career.

The three day workshop can to an end with certificate distribution to the participants and as well as distribution of appreciation certificate to the resource persons