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S.NoName(s) of the AuthorTitleNational / InternationalConf/Jur NameYear
1Dr.M.VenkateswarluElectronic controlled optical activity analysis on NLO crystal'||chr(59)||' 4-Amino-5-Nitroindole using morphological, spectroscopic and theoretical toolsINTPhysica B: Condensed Matter2021
2Dr.M.VenkateswarluConcentration dependent neodymium doped oxy fluoroborate glasses for 1.08 µm laser applicationsINTSolid State Sciences2021
3Dr.M.VenkateswarluNIR photoluminescence studies of Nd3+ doped B2O3–BaF2–PbF2–Al2O3 glasses for 1.063 µm laser applicationsINTJournal of Luminescence2021
4Anantha lakshmi, Y., Swapna, K., Mahamuda, S., Venkateswarlu, M., Rao, A.SPhotoluminescence properties of Sm3+ ions doped Bismuth Boro tellurite glassesINTSolid State Sciences2021
5Siva Rama Krishna Reddy, K., Swapna, K., Mahamuda, S., Venkateswarulu, M., Rao, A.S Structural, optical and photoluminescence properties of alkaline-earth boro tellurite glasses doped with trivalent Neodymium for 1.06 µm optoelectronic devicesINTOptical Materials2021
6Deopa, N., Sahu, M.K., Kaur, S., Prasad, A., Swapna, K., Kumar, V., Punia, R., Rao, A.S. Enhanced visible green and 1.5 µm radiative emission of Er3+ ions in Li2O-PbO-Al2O3-B2O3 glasses for photonic applicationsINTJournal of Rare Earths2021
7A. Mohandass Gandhi, S. Shanmugan et al.,Performance enhancement of stepped basin solar still based on OSELM with traversal tree for higher energy adaptive control.INTDesalination (IF -7.2)2021
8Ammar H Elsheikh, S. Shanmugan et al.A comprehensive review on residual stresses in turningINTEnergy Conversion and Management (IF - 8.208)2021
9G. Palanikumar, S. Shanmugan, et al.,Thermal Investigation of a Solar Box-type Cooker with Nanocomposite Phase Change Materials Using Flexible ThermographyINTRenewable Energy (IF - 6.72)2021
10Ammar H Elsheikh, Amal I Saba, Mohamed Abd Elaziz, Song feng Lu, S Shanmugan, et al.,Deep learning-based forecasting model for COVID-19 outbreak in Saudi Arabia.INTProcess Safety and Environmental Protection (IF - 4.95)2021
11Mohammed A.A. Al-qanessa Amal I. Sabab Ammar H. Elsheikh Mohamed Abd Elazizd Rehab AliIbrahim, Songfeng LueAhme, Abdelmonem Hemedan, S. ShanmuganEfficient artificial intelligence forecasting models for COVID-19 outbreak in Russia and BrazilINTProcess Safety and Environmental Protection (IF - 4.95)2021
12P. Thamizharasu, S. Shanmugan et al.,Revealing an OSELM based on traversal tree for higher energy adaptive control using an efficient solar box cooker.INTSolar Energy (IF -4.60)2021
13Hitesh Panchal, HeriNurdiyanto, Kishor Kumar Sadasivuni, Sanil S.Hishan, F.A.Essa, Mohammad KhalidfSwapnil Dharaskar, S.Shanmugan,Experimental investigation on the yield of solar still using manganese oxide nanoparticles coated absorberINTCase Studies in Thermal Engineering (IF - 4.05)2021
14A.S. Abdullah , Z.M. Omara , F.A. Essa, M.M. Younes , S. ShanmuganImproving the performance of trays solar still using wick corrugated absorber, nano-enhanced phase change material and photovoltaics-powered heatersINTJournal of Energy Storage (Impact Factor: 3.762)2021
15S. Bhavani, S. Shanmugan et al.,Simulation study on thermal performance of a Solar box Cooker using nanocomposite for natural Food inventionINTEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research (IF - 3.306)2021
16F.A. Essa, Z. Omara, S. Shanmugan et al., Augmenting the productivity of stepped distiller by corrugated and curve liners CUO-paraffin wax, wick and vapour suctioningINTEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research (IF - 3.306)2021
17Ch. Pravallika, S. Shanmugan, K. Swapna, A. Venkateswara Rao, Geetha Palani '||chr(38)||' V. ChithambaramCrystal growth, spectroscopic and antimicrobial investigations on glycine-doped ZnSO4–(NH4)2SO4 single crystalINTJournal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics (IF - 2.25)2021
18T. Rajesh Kumar, S. Shanmugan, G. Sunita Sundari, N. S. M. P Latha Devi, N. Abhiram '||chr(38)||' G. PalanikumarExperimental Investigation on the Performance of a Solar Still Using SiO2 Nanoparticles /Jatropha curcas L.INTSilicon (IF 1.499)2021
19P. Saminathan, M. SenthilKumar, S. Shanmugan '||chr(38)||' V. ChithambaramInfluence of L-Lysine-doped Tartaric Acid–Potassium Bromide single crystals: growth and characterization of photonic applicationsINTIndian Journal of Physics (IF - 1.407)2021
20Elsheikh, A.H., Shanmugan, S., Muthuramalingam, T. et al.Modeling of the Transient Temperature Field during Laser Heating.INTLasers in Manufacturing and Materials Processing (IF - 1.1)2021
21Hitesh Panchal, Kishor Kumar Sadasivuni, S. Shanmugan, Naimish PandyaPerformance analysis of waste brick magnesia as a storage material in a solar stillINTHeat Transfer (IF - 1.02)2021
22Rajasekar, R., SenthilKumar, M., Shanmugan, S. et al.The influence of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films with characteristics of treatment conditions on spray pyrolysis technique for solar cells applications.INTIndian Journal of Physics (IF - 1.407)2021
23Laad, M., Datkhile, R. '||chr(38)||' ShanmuganSynthesis and Characterization of Powder Silica: A Judicious Recycling of the Natural Ceramic Rice Husk Ash.INTSilicon (IF 1.499)2021
24Thangeeswari T, .Parthipan G., S. Shanmugan, Raju,Synthesize of gadolinium-doped ZnO nano particles for energy applications by enhance its optoelectronic properties.INTMaterials Today: Proceedings (SJR: 0.341)2021
25A.Kavitha, D.Easwaramoorthy, T.Thangeeswari, G.Parthipan, S.ShanmuganSynthesis and characterization of tritendate Schiff base rare earth nano metal complexes.INTMaterials Today: Proceedings (SJR: 0.341)2021
26G Palanikumar, S Shanmugan, V ChithambaramSolar cooking thermal image processing applied to time series analysis of fuzzy stage and inconsiderable Fourier transform methodINTMaterials Today: Proceedings (SJR: 0.341)2021