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Research Publications

Research Publications - Journal
S.NoName(s) of the AuthorTitleNational / InternationalConf/Jur NameYear
1K. Ganesh kumar3D media Filter Design for Iris Recognition INTIJMER2013
2G.RadhikaEfficient Framework for Deploying Information in Virtual Datacenter with cloud security ApplicationINTIJETAE2013
3.G.S.RagavendraChannel Model Components And Modeling types in wireless systemsINTijarcsee2013
4G.M DeepaAttacking Cloud Through Cache based Side Channel in Virtualized EnvironmentINTijarcsee2013
5N.Venu GopalSurvey on Different types of attacks and counter Measures in wireless networksINTIJCSIT2013
6T.Gopi KiranNeural network desin in Cloud ComputingINTIJCTT2013
7Jaya PrakashMulti Clouds Model For Service Avalability And SecurityINTIJCSET2013
8M.Anil KumarSurvey of IEEE 802.11 StandardsINTIJSR2013
9B.Raj kumarSecure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud ComputingINTIJSR2013
10RajeshA Comprehensive Study on Making food using Rice cooker with Fuzzy logic techniqueINTIJCSIT2013
11S.Jaya PrakashImprovised K-means Clustering Algorithm in Data MiningINTGJCER2013
12P.Naga LakshmiA Novel Architecture for personalized Image Retrieval from Social WebsitesINTIJARCS2013
13T.HarithaA Survey On Chemical Agent DetectorsINTIJERT2013
14K. Sai Rohit SinghDesigning a WI-FI Enabled ROBOTINTIJCER2013
15D.SowmyaImage Retrieval effective methods in image processingINTIJCSMR2013
16Y.DivyaReliable Proxy Re encryption in unreliable cloudsINTIJARCSSE2013
17Siva NagarajuWireless Sensor Networks in Cloud ComputingINTIJAIR2013
18Ravi KanthTosca Enabling Cloud PortabilityINTIJARCET2013
19A.Dhana LakshmiRouting Security Against Flooding Attack In Wireless Adhoc NetworksINTIJAIR2013
20SuhasiniApproaching Protected and Reliable Storage Space Services in cloud computingINTIJEA2013
21A.Shiva Rama RaoStandadization of systems and processes for CDR Based Billing SystemINTIJCER2013
22Y.S LakshmiCollectional Activities Forecast via insution using social network sitesINTIJSR2013
23Y.S LakshmiStudy and Scalable eruditries by using Communel activitiesINTIJETAE2013
24S.pavaniA New Clustering Technique Based on user search HistoriesINTIJDCST2013
25B.V.SriRamSecurity Through Multiple Unrelated Clods in Cloud ComputingINTIJCTT2013
26K.Venkat ReddyHand Writen Character Detection By using Fuzzy Logic TechniquesINTIJETAE2013
27K.RajeshHand Writen Character And digit recognition using Artificial Neural NetworksINTIJARCSSE2013
28K.RajeshA Novel Study on Complex Fuzzy LogicINTIJSR2013
29T.SrikanthDatawarehouse as a ServiceINTIJAIR2013
30Ram SandilyaEffective Use of HTML5 for Developing Offline web ApplicationINTIJAIR2013
31K.YaminiCloud Services Portability for Secure MigrationINTIJCTT2013
32Pratheek SingelOptimizing Aggregation Query ProcessingINTIJAIR2013
33K.DeepaPassword Authentication System for Cloud EnvironmentINTIJACSIT2013
34ChaitanyaEnable Open Verifiability and Data Dynamics for Storage Protection in Cloud ComputingINTIJCTT2013
35SudheerrajaData Retrieval from Cloud With Cache ImplementationINTIJAIR2013
36M.Sudheer RajaAn Asymmetric Approach For Coperative Caching in Multi Hop Wireless Adhoc NetworksINTIJCNWC2013
37V.Samson Dev KumarCognitive Radio Wireless Mesh Networks:A Survey on Routing ProtocolsINTIJCSET2013
38Raja MohanPrivacy Preserving Public auditing System for data storage security in cloud computingINTIJCTT2013
39sri rashmi,Providing Cloud Services over mobile cloud dataINTIJCTT2013
40Venkata NareshRanked Keyword Search in cloud computingINTIJCTT2013
41Ambati NikilaLearning Structure in cloudINTIJAIR2013
42T.AnithaNetwork Security Using Quantum CryptographyINTIJCTT2013
43T.V.N Sai SindhuraDependable and Secure Storage services in cloud computingINTIJCTT2013
44Y.Venkateswara RaoSecure and Dependable Storage in cloud computingINTIJCTT2013
45SonawaneXml Document MiningINTIJRCEE2013
46M.Devi Kavya PriyaRandom Indexing Based Web User Clustering for faster NavigationINTIJCSIT2013
47G.Kiran KumarReduction of Greedy Forwarding Using Overlay Multicasting in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksINTIJCTT2013
48T.GeethikaTransaction Based Prioritizatioh Stratagies for E-mail ApplicationsINTIJARET2013
49U.D.S.V PrasadTmaper Proof JAR Client For Distributed Accounrability for Data Sharing in the CloudINTIJDCST2013
50Sunaina SultanaAn extraction Relation of machine learning by identifying disease treatment relations in the research methodologiesINTIJAIR2013
51P.Radha KrishnaA Novel q-parameter Automation in Tsallis Entropy for Image SegmentationINTIJCA2013
52M.Mohan ChandraProtecting and Planing Amenable Basic RoutingINTIJAR2013
53M.Devi Kavya PriyaA Novel Framework for Virtual Desktop Environment with vAppINTIJCA2013
54U.AnkaiahDetection of error prone software modules using neural networkINTIJCST2013
55U.AnkaiahImage Retrieval System Using Fuzzy Soft max MLP neural networkINTIJAR2013
56Santhi SwaroopSurvey on Advanced Data Mining ApplicationsINTIJEA2013
571.Dr.M.R Narasinga Rao,2.K.Lokesh KumarDamage Detection in Cantilever Beams using Artificial Neural NetworksINTIJMPERD2013
581.T.Subha Masthan Rao,2.Thinley Lendup,3.Thingly Wandi,4.SujathaHybrid Model for Preprocessing & Clustering of Web Service LogsINTIJCAES2013
591.N.Janardhan,2.Y.Raja SreeCloud data Protection For the MassesINTIJCTT2013
601.N.Janardhan,2.Y.Raja Sree,3.HimajaData Invulnerability and data integrity Verification of multi cloud storageINTIJCTT2013
611.K.V.D.Kiran,2.Sitaram chowdary,3.P.Vittal KumarGame theory :A new Approach for video streaming in mobile networksINTIJCSMR2013
621.K.V.D.Kiran,2.Gidla JohnApple TalkINTIJCSMR2013
63G.R.Sreehitha, M.Kiran KumarTransient Performance of a Series Compensated Transmission SystemINTIJIRD2013
64B. Mohan, K. NareshSIMULATION APPROACH FOR NON Linear Behaviour in spasticityINTIJEST2013
65Ch.Amarendra, P.V.Pattabhi RamComparative Study of DSVM and ISVM for Matrix ConverterINTIJAR2013
66A.Radha Krishna, Ch.Kasi Rama Krishna ReddyPower Quality Problems and it''s Improvement Using FACTS devicesINTIJETT2013
67B. SAI SINDURA, B.N. KarthikSpeed Control of Induction Motor using CycloconverterINTIJETT2013
68M.SUNITHA, B.N. Karthik Elimination of Harmonics Using Active Power Filter Based on DQ Reference Frame Theory INTIJETT2013
69V.P.S. Nikitha.Peddada, B.N.Karthik Attacking of Embedded Systems by Using Simple Power Analysis INTIJETT2013
70Narisetti Sai Lakshmi, B.N. KarthikSRF Based Cascaded Multilevel Active Filter INTIJETT2013
71P.Divya Sri, Dr.P. HARI KRISHNA PRASAD Single Phase Dual Full Bridge Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter for High Power Applications INTIJAR2013
72N Uday Kumar, RBR PrakashControl Scheme for Implementation for SHAPF Using Fuzzy(P-Q Theory) Under Unbalanced ConditionsINTIJEEER2013
73Ch.Kiran Kumar, G.Srinivasa RaoPerformance Analysis from the Energy Audit of a Thermal Power Plant INTIJETT2013
74TSSS Bharat, D.Seshi ReddyRecovery of HVDC System After Fault with Reactive Power InjectionINTIJEEER2013
75G.R.Mahesh, G.Srinivas rao, M.V Gridharenergy audit of boiler feed pump system and air compressor in a thermal power plantINTIJERT2013
76A Lakshmi Priyanka, M.SrikanthThree Phase and Five Phase SVM Applied to the Five Level InverterINTIJEEER2013
77M.Bala Krishna, M.Kiran KumarA New C-Dump Converter with Power Factor Correction Feature for BLDC driveINTIJEEER2013
78P.vamsi Krishna, D.Narasimha RaoObtaining Speed Response of Linear Induction Motor with Fuzzy Logic Controller with End EffectINTIJEEER2013
79Bhavani Sindhooja V, Chakradhar Kaza,D.Narasimha RaoPolymer and FRP Technology-An Alternative to Conventional Porcelain for Future Power SectorINTIJERT2013
80Bhavani Sindhoora Velaga, Chakradhar Kaza, Dokuparthy Narasimha RaoPolymer and FRP Technology - An Alternative to Conventional Porcelain for Future Power SectorINTInternational Journal of Engineering Research & Technology2013
81M.Bala Raghav, K.Naga Bhavya, Y.Suchitra, G.Srinivas RaoDesign of Solar Power Based Water Pumping System INTIJERT2013
82K.Kareemulla Khan, K.Naresh, Vaddi Ramesh, Mahaboob Shreef SyedSimulation of Reactive Power Compensation Using STATCOMINTIJETED2013